Floor Console MFZ

Classic Series

Designed to sit discreetly at floor level, our floor consoles are ideal for replacement of traditional floor mounted heat sources such as night-store heaters or fireplaces.

Features of this Series


Optimum Heat Distribution

Mitsubishi Electric’s compact floor console range ensures perfect room temperatures are achieved at all times. Thermostatically controlled dual upper and lower vanes provide ultimate comfort and eliminate draughts while heating. Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Control allows optimum comfort conditions to be achieved in the shortest period of time. This is vital when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing, or when the unit is first turned on.

Superior Design

Compact and slim-line, Mitsubishi Electric’s Classic KA Series has been designed to ensure they will be discreet and unobtrusive addition to any interior. A versatile solution, floor consoles are favoured as a suitable replacement of older floor-mounted heating devices.

Quiet Operation

From only 22dBA* indoor sound level, this range offers total comfort while still delivering the whisper quiet performance that you have come to expect from Mitsubishi Electric.
*(MFZ-KA25VA, lowest fan setting).

Cleaner, Healthier Air

The combination of Catechin and Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filters ensure effective deodorisation, active filtering and the significant reduction of common allergens and bacteria. This is the key to cleaner, healthier air.

In addition to the deodorising effect of the Catechin Filter, the Anti-Allergy Enzyme filter traps dust mites and their droppings, pollen and other airborne allergens on the filter filament, which decomposes them using artificial enzymes. A sterilising agent also acts to combat bacterial and viral effects, all combining to support a cleaner, healthier air supply.