High Wall, Floor Console, Ducted? What heat pump is right for me?

Choosing the right sized heat pump is key to ensuring optimum comfort levels. Every home is as individual as its owner. The key to selecting the right heat pump for heating your home is choosing the correct unit size for your location.

Insulation and building orientation are key factors which may influence the degree of heat loss in a home. An older style home with poor insulation will lose indoor heat much quicker than a modern well insulated home that faces north. The quicker a home loses its heat, the bigger the heat pump system will need to be to overcome this heat loss.

Outdoor ambient conditions in winter also play a big role in unit size selection. When temperatures drop, the output capacity of the heat pump also drops. Areas of New Zealand that experience sub-zero temperatures in winter (like most of the South Island) will require either a larger capacity heat pump in comparison to a same sized room in the Auckland region or an upgrade to a HyperCore® Inverter High Performance Heat Pump. It is therefore extremely important that units are not undersized in low ambient conditions.

Take the guess work out - use our sizing tool to select the best heat pump for you, based on your regions average lowest winter temperature. It can then also direct you in booking your free in-home consultation.

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Heat pump styles from wall mounted to ducted which are hidden from view.