PWFY-P~AU Series

12.5~25kW Hot Water Modules. Flexibility to create very large systems. Can be installed in conjunction with City Multi VRF air conditioning.



11.2kW / 12.5kW
40°C Hot Water at
-20°C ambient temperature


22.4kW / 25.0kW
40°C Hot Water at
-20°C ambient temperature

Note: Above capacity ratings are all nominal rated.


  • Reliable, year-round water heating
  • Inverter driven for maximum energy efficiency
  • Water temperatures up to 40°C
  • Operation at outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C
  • Environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant
  • Easy to use LCD Wall Controller with 7 Day Timer
  • Cooling mode selectable
  • Heat recovery from air conditioning system in cooling mode on R2 Systems
  • Modular design allows flexibility to create very large systems

CITY MULTI Hot Water Module

VRF Water Heating Units are the latest technological breakthrough from the Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Range, with the ability to heat or cool water more efficiently than ever before. The PWFY-P~AU indoor modules can be installed in conjunction with standard City Multi VRF air conditioning indoor units, creating huge potential for heat recovery.

Available in two sizes: PWFY-P100VM-E-AU (12.5kW heating / 11.2kW cooling) and PWFY-P200VM-E-AU (25.0kW heating / 22.4kW cooling) which are modular to allow creation of larger solutions. Suitable applications for pre-heating sanitary water (through energy recovery), swimming pools, underfloor heating, low temperature hot water for fan coil units and convectors, hydroponics, aquaculture and water chilling.

The AU Series water heating and cooling unit utilise a 316 stainless steel plate heat exchanger with the ability to sense flow or return water temperature with a dip-switch setting. PWFY–P~AU units can be connected to either City Multi Y or R2 Series outdoor units (The smallest VRF hot water system is therefore 25kW of heating). Inputs: ON/OFF, Mode, Set Temp, Pump Interface. Outputs: ON/OFF, Error, Defrost.

AU Series Water Heating and Cooling for Y/R2

CITY MULTI VRF Commercial Design

Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI Series has the flexibility to adapt efficiently to any building requirement. A wide line up of indoor units and simple piping systems enable an easy fit to even the most complex configurations. And both R2 and Y-Series systems can be simply operated through a central controller. With it’s flexible system architecture, easy operation and energy saving technology CITY MULTI offers an ideal blend of comfort, efficiency and economy. Please contact the Mitsubishi Electric City Multi representative in your area for a unique design solution.

Selection Guide

Use this guide to estimate your heating requirements, however units should not be purchased without advice from your heating or pool specialist. Every application is as individual as its owner. An incorrect selection may lead to unnecessary power consumption or a system with insufficient heating capability.

Underfloor Heating.

The amount of heat required will vary depending on location and the construction of your home. Therefore, every house requires a different calculation to heat the desired area. The maps to the right are designed as a guide. First, calculate the floor area of the house requiring heating to be installed. Remember to deduct areas under cupboards, garages etc. Take the area (m2) and multiply it by the factor in your region on the appropriate map. Your underfloor heating specialist will be able to give you a more accurate assessment of your heating requirements.

PWFY-P~AU Series