Multi Drawer Fridges

Our Japanese made French Door Four Drawer Inverter Refrigerators feature a Versa Freezer Drawer giving you the flexibility to soft, supercool or hot freeze foods, a Humidity Drawer and a non-plumbed Automatic Ice Maker. Inverter Technology saves power and makes this the quietest fridge range in its class!
The LX French Door Designer Series is a real style statement. Featuring a stunning glass flat panel design, a large capacity but slimline foot print, touch panel controls and advanced Inverter Technology for maximum energy efficiency – the LX French Door Designer Series sets a new standard in refrigeration.
New Zealand’s best-selling Multi Drawer Fridge Range since 2006! The 2 Drawer Range features a Humidity Drawer to keep produce fresher for longer and a non-plumbed Automatic Ice Maker. The range also includes Inverter models for unparalleled Energy efficiency and unbeatable whisper quiet operation in its class.
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Multi Drawer