Wi-Fi Interface


The award winning MAC-559IF-E Wi-Fi Interface connects discreetly to your heat pump’s control board and should only be installed by an authorised installer. The MAC-559IF-E Wi-Fi Interface is available on Mitsubishi Electric High Wall, Floor Mounted, and Ducted Heat Pumps, and can either be purchased as an optional upgrade at time of purchase, or retrofitted to an existing Mitsubishi Electric model.


Superior Customisation

Compatible with all Mitsubishi Electric High Wall Heat Pumps, the MAC-559IF-E Wi-Fi Control Adaptor opens the door to superior customisation and control*. Turn your heat pump on/off. Change the set temperature. Change mode, fan speed and airflow direction. The MAC-559IF-E Wi-Fi Control Adaptor even allows you to develop operating rules to seemlesly suit your lifestyle ensuring you never return to a cold home again. *(in conjunction with a WPA2-AES capable router, a PC/Tablet/Smartphone that is iOS/Android/Windows compatible, and the Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control App)

Control or Monitor from Anywhere

Perfect for busy Kiwis, the MAC-559IF-E Wi-Fi Control Adaptor utilises breakthrough bi-directional (two-way) technology which allows you to monitor and control your heat pump system(s) from anywhere. Unlike one-way line of sight infra-red signals the MAC-559IF-E Wi-Fi Control Adaptor is connected directly into the indoor unit ensuring you always have real time information about your system in the palm of your hand. Access more detailed information about your system such as set temperature, set mode, whether the unit is on or off, the fan speed selected, and even what vane direction is currently set. Through the webpage or on your mobile device, simply select the system you wish to control/monitor, and adjust your heat pump system.

Develop Operating Rules

Tailor your system to always meet your needs with the superior customisation offered by the Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control. Programme your system to automatically turn on/off at specific times, change settings, and develop temperature rules to ensure superior comfort day after day. Ideal for both households and workplaces, the Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control allows you to unlock the full potential of your heat pump.

Room Temperature Limits

The minimum room temperature feature enables your family to enjoy a happy and healthy home. Using advanced technology, the heat pump senses when the room temperature drops below the set minimum temperature and automatically turns on to ensure the minimum temperature is maintained. Ideal for children's bedrooms, you can rest assured your family will stay warm this winter. The maximum room temperature feature enables you to comfortably enjoy the summer heat. Using advanced technology, your heat pump will automatically turn on when it reaches the set maximum temperature, cooling the air and allowing you to enjoy the warm seasons in ultimate comfort.

Add Multiple Heat Pumps

Our easy-to-use Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control allows you to customise the settings of each heat pump independently within your home, thus ensuring maximum control over your system. To do so separate MAC-559IF-E Wi-Fi Control Adaptors must be purchased and installed on each indoor unit. The result is an efficient system specifically tailored to your needs.

Smart Customised Control and Monitoring



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