Classic 385 Fridge


Our Classic 385 litre fridge in stainless steel is an ideal family fridge. With tempered glass adjustable shelving, sliding chilled case and our innovative surround cooling, it is an ideal addition to any kitchen. Also available in white and left hand opening models.

385 Litre CapacityWidth: 686mm, Height: 1589mm, Depth: 709mm
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Jumbo Sliding Chilled Case

Equipped with a smooth-sliding roller to allow easy access. Great for storing dairy products, fresh fish, meat and chilling drinks. Food is stored around 0°C, ensuring longer lasting freshness.

Tempered Glass Shelves

The Tempered Glass Shelves are built to withstand up to 100 kilograms of weight.

Surround Cooling System

Mitsubishi Electric’s innovative Surround Cooling System distributes a constant stream of chilled air to each shelf ensuring every corner of the refrigerator is cooled evenly. All areas inside the refrigerator, even door pockets, quickly regain optimum cooling temperatures after opening.

Adjustable Door Pockets

The Adjustable Door Shelf offers storage to suit your needs and each pocket is adjustable for different shapes and sizes.

Anti-Bacterial Food Liners

Anti-Bacterial Food Liners and a Titanium Filter create a hygienic environment for your food.

Large Tower Light

The refrigerator is brightly illuminated by a tower-style light making the contents easy to see.


· Capacity - Total (Net / Gross): 344 / 385 litres · Capacity - Freezer Room (Net / Gross): 105 / 130 litres
· Capacity - Refrigerator Room (Net / Gross): 239 / 255 litres · Dimensions (WxHxD): 686 x 1589 x 709 mm
· Weight: 71 kg Net / 77 kg Gross · Castors: 4x
· Adjustable Foot: 2x
· Cooling System: Surround Cooling System · CFC Free: Yes
· Anti-Bacterial Food Liner: Yes · Deodorizer: Filter
· Minus Ion: No · Door Alarm: No
· Energy Star Rating: 2.5 · kWh Per Year: 490
· Frost Free: Yes · Freezer - Freezer Case Lower / Case Upper: No
· Freezer - Automatic Ice Maker: No · Freezer - Ice Box & Ice Scoop: No
· Freezer - Ice Box: 1x · Freezer - Revolving Ice Tray: 2x
· Freezer - Ice Tray: No · Freezer - Freezer Drawers: No
· Freezer - Pocket: 2x · Freezer - Crystal Shelf: 1x
· Freezer - Rapid Freeze: No · Freezer - Light: No
· Fridge - Elevating Shelf: No · Fridge - Three-way Flexishelf: No
· Fridge - Two-way Flexishelf: No · Fridge - Tempered Glass Shelf: 3x
· Fridge - Crystal Shelf: No · Fridge - Sliding Chilled Case: Yes
· Fridge - Egg Rack: 2x · Fridge - Vegetable Crisper Rolling Drawer: No
· Fridge - Vegetable Crisper: Yes · Fridge - Adjustable Door Pocket: 2x
· Fridge - Bottle Pocket: 2x · Fridge - Bottle Stopper: 1x
· Fridge - Light: Big Tower Light
· Colour: Stainless Steel · Opening: Right Hand





It is strongly recommended to use only lukewarm water and a soft cloth when cleaning. Cleaning agents can cause cracking to both interior and exterior plastic components of your refrigerator.

When removing the required Energy Rating Label off our Stainless Steel refrigerators we recommend using "Tea Tree Oil" or "Eucalyptus Oil" rather than an abrasive cleaner as this may scuff the stainless steel finish.


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