KIEHJ3526 :: Water tank filter


This is the oblong filter 57mm x 32mm for use in the water tank for the Auto icemaker.

For use in the following Refrigerator/Freezers:

MR-CU375X MR-CU415X MR-CU375U MR-CU415U MR-CU375T MR-CU415T MR-CU375S MR-CU415S MR-CU375P MR-CU415P MR-C375B MR-C405B MR-C375C MR-C405C (includes all L, -W & -ST variations)MR-C375G MR-C405G MR-CX370EJ (2016) MR-LX630EM-A-GSL (2017) MR-CX402EJ (2016) MR-LX630EM-A-GBK (2017) MR-CX306EM-A-W (2018)

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