S-Series: PUMY

The all-in-one air conditioning solution for large residences or offices with multiple rooms. (Nominal 12.5 - 15.5kW cooling / 14.0 - 18kW heating).

Heating or cooling

Mitsubishi Electric's Multi-S series is exceptionally well suited for houses with large living rooms and multiple bedrooms or children's rooms. This is because different types of indoor units can be selected, and a maximum of 8 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit. Furthermore, if the total piping length is less than 50m, there is no need to add extra refrigerants. This system offers excellent cost savings and is very suited for small office applications.

Outdoor Units

Standard COP Series PUMY-P YKM/VKM

Nominal capacity

12.5 - 15.5kW / 14.0 - 18kW

All City Multi outdoor units as standard come with Blue Fin treatment to protect the aluminium heat exchanger fins from urban environment pollutants.

“BS” coating can be applied to the outdoor units as an option for additional protection in sea salt environments.

Installation Small Offices

City Multi Catalogue

176 page catalogue.pdf (20,700 KB)
CM15AN-E-NZ, Version MEE15K041 (September 2016)
Comprehensive information of City Multi product, Features, Advanced technology, System controller, Indoor units, Outdoor units, Lossnay, OA processing units and Specifications.

S-Series: PUMY