Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta - Leaders in Hydronics and IT Cooling Systems

With a longstanding history of being the European leader in the HVAC industry, Climaveneta has provided premium air conditioning and heating solutions for the most challenging and demanding projects worldwide for 50 years. But did you know that the Climaveneta brand is part of Mitsubishi Electric?

From Italy to the world

Climaveneta’s roots began in Italy in 1971 as part of the RC Group, where it cemented itself as the leading producer of HVAC Hydronic Chiller Solutions to the European Market, with reduced noise and energy consumption at the heart of its products.

In 1994, Delonghi Group acquired Climaveneta and continued to expand the business with significant investment in R&D, the setting up of a Chinese joint-venture and becoming an initiator of EUROVENT certification aligning Europe with the USA.

Further investment by DeLonghi Group included the acquisition of RC Group in 2006 broadening the product offering into IT Cooling.

Climaveneta and RC Group entered into a newly formed DELclima in 2012, demerging from DeLonghi and being independently listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

The Mitsubishi Electric effect

In the pursuit of excellence and further enhancing products already in the marketplace, Mitsubishi Electric acquired the majority stake in DELclima in 2015.

Less than a year later, Mitsubishi Electric fully acquired the company (DELclima) and merged Climaveneta and RC Group to form Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics and IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. (MEHITS).

With the acquisition completed in 2016, Mitsubishi Electric sought to bring superior testing and quality synonymous with the world-leading brand. In addition to this, they aimed to streamline and standardise product parts and next-generation design to both existing and new product lines for ease of application and maintenance.

Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta in New Zealand

In February 2019, BDT was appointed the sole distributor of MEHITS products in New Zealand and the South Pacific; handling all Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta sales, service and spare parts, commissioning and support inquiries. As such, BDT now offers versatile, comprehensive hydronic HVAC product solutions within the local market to complement the already existing Mitsubishi Electric e-Series Chiller product.

HVAC hydronic solutions for the most demanding applications and challenging climate conditions

With cutting-edge engineering and futureproof-thinking, Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta solutions are driven by technological innovation, efficiency and sustainability in every aspect – from manufacturing through to application.

As a result, ideal comfort conditions are ensured even in the most challenging residential, office, hotel or retail project.

With 12 specialised manufacturing facilities and seven R&D and testing centres across the world, Climaveneta products are created with superior quality and efficiency in mind, synonymous with Mitsubishi Electric.

Climaveneta products are engineered to drive down initial investment, running costs and maintenance while also increasing the total life cycle of the product.


The Climaveneta product range is vast; covering comfort, process cooling and IT cooling applications, offering a broad range of high-efficiency HVAC products for buildings, industry and data centre installations.

Continuous product development and improvement

Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta are committed to continual R&D and product improvement. This is evident with the recent release of new product such as the i-FX2 Inverter Screw Air Cooled Chiller and Heat Pump along with the NX2 range of Scroll Air Cooled Chillers which are all available in low GWP refrigerants.

Product line up

The lineup includes a broad range of hydronic products ranging for 1-4600kW and airside products up to 27,000L/s.

Chillers Close control air conditioners (computer room air conditioning units)
Heat pumps Computer room rack cooling units
Multipurpose simultaneous heating and cooling units Datacentre infrastructure products: Raised floors, server housings, aisle containment enclosures and power distribution units.
Rooftop units Telecommunication packaged units and split systems
Air handling units Remote condensers and dry coolers
Fan coil units – concealed and exposed
Plant control systems

To learn more about Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta and its excellence in manufacturing, please watch the following video.

Leaders in Hydronics and IT Cooling Systems