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Mitsubishi Electric and the Environment

Mitsubishi Electric Environmental Vision 2021

Brought to life in 1998, the Environmental Vision 2021 initiative was established by Mitsubishi Electric with the purpose of establishing a long term global framework for realising a more sustainable planet.

Since then, Mitsubishi Electric has reported annually on its environmental objectives and achievements, producing a detailed environmental report that reviews the progress of the environmental plans of the group, providing data on the environmental performance and business activities and the results of the various environmental efforts in Japan and globally.

Mitsubishi Electric Environmental Vision 2050

Under its Environmental Vision 2021, Mitsubishi Electric has been carrying out initiatives to realise a low-carbon, recycling-based society that functions in harmony with nature, reflecting Mitsubishi Electric’s resolve to operate as a responsible, eco-minded corporate citizen.

Looking ahead to April 2021 and well beyond, the company’s new Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050 positions environmental protection as an even greater corporate priority and stipulates increased initiatives toward this end.

Creating More Sustainable Buildings with HVAC

Mitsubishi Electric is a market leader in providing solutions to cool, heat, ventilate and control our homes and buildings.

As a result, a key driver of the Environmental Vision 2021 Mandate is striving for the best and the most environmentally friendly use of energy in buildings by developing zero or low carbon technologies that consume the least amount of energy with minimal environmental impact.

Improve Energy Use and Minimise Carbon Footprint in the Built Environment

On average, with buildings accounting for over 20%* of energy consumption and carbon emissions in New Zealand, improving the level of efficiency is of paramount importance.

Mitsubishi Electric seeks to use its position as a manufacturer of key technologies to increase awareness, improve energy use and minimise carbon footprint in the built environment in the most energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways possible.

* 20% is based on the consumption oriented view from The Carbon Footprint of New Zealand's Built Environment Report from the 14th May 2018.

Work Towards a More Environmentally Sustainable Future

By constantly challenging everyone involved to combat the issues we all face and encouraging constructive dialogue throughout the industry, Mitsubishi Electric aims to help everyone address both energy use and carbon emissions, and as a result to work towards a more environmentally sustainable future overall.

New Zealand’s Climate Challenge

With BDT as the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi Electric products in New Zealand, BDT holds New Zealand’s environmental challenges close to its heart.

As such, it is a given for BDT to want to do its part in achieving the nation’s climate goals and make a world of difference.

The journey has only just begun. BDT looks forward to regularly reporting back on how both BDT and Mitsubishi Electric are taking definitive action today, to create a greener world for tomorrow.

Mitsubishi Electric and the Environment