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Heat Pumps

Guide to Clean Your Heat Pump

Cleaning your heat pump regularly ensures optimum operation efficiency and reduces unnecessary power consumption. We recommend cleaning your heat pump as often as every seasonal change in order to utilise its full performance. To ensure your heat pump works as efficiently as possible, use this easy-to-follow guide.

Getting the Most From Your Heat Pump

This is your quick and simple guide on how to navigate your heat pump remote control so you can enjoy year-round comfort!
Please note that these instructions only cover the basic heat pump functions. Also, your remote controller may look different depending on your chosen model with additional functions that are covered in your user manual.

Remotes and Controllers

Learn how to use your remote and or programming your 7-day timer.

Common Heat Pump Questions

Do you have a question about heat pumps and how best to use them?


Cleaning your Refrigerator

It is strongly recommended to use only lukewarm water and a soft cloth when cleaning. Cleaning agents can cause cracking to both interior and exterior plastic components of your refrigerator.

When removing the required Energy Rating Label off our Stainless Steel refrigerators we recommend using "Tea Tree Oil" or "Eucalyptus Oil" rather than an abrasive cleaner as this may scuff the stainless steel finish.

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