Integra Technology

Sustainable Heating and Cooling

Climaveneta INTEGRA sets a new standard in the more environmentally-friendly, simultaneous generation of hot water heating and cooling by combining the functions of a traditional boiler and chiller within a single unit.

A Boiler and Chiller Combined in One System

As hot and cold water can be simultaneously produced within a single unit, initial investment and maintenance cost is reduced as well as plant spaces. Furthermore, site operations are minimised, saving time and capital cost.

A New Standard in Energy-Efficiency with Heat Recovery Technology

Starting at around 44kW, INTEGRA utilises next generation heat recovery to reduce energy consumption. This is achieved by taking the heat energy from an area which needs to be cooled to heat areas that need to be warmed. As a result, the system doesn’t need to work as hard to reach the desired temperature. With the option of integrating with a +2P Module, INTEGRA allows for the generation of high temperature hot water up to 78°C to deliver high energy efficiencies, maximum integration and total reliability for year-round comfort.

Perfect for a Range of Applications

This makes INTEGRA ideal for hotels, hospitals, offices and shopping centres which have a high demand for heating and chilled water.
INTEGRA Technology