264 Mt Eden Road

264 Mt Eden Road, Auckland is a commercial building owned by Romily Properties (Mt Eden) Limited. The complex was redesigned and upgraded from a VRF system to hydronic chiller and fan coil units to satisfy the needs of the new tenants more appropriately. The refurbished property included offices and lab testing facilities for the new tenants.

The Goal

A brand new 250 - 300kW cooling system was required to replace the existing VRF units to cater to the building’s new offices and lab cooling demands. The new chiller was to be installed down the side of the building, which was converted into a plant space.

The Challenge

A key obstacle for this project was the 2400mm width gap available on the side of the building. This space was to accommodate the new chiller with adequate clearances for air circulation and maintenance access.

The project was also to be installed, commissioned and operational in a very short time frame.

The Solution

With an incredibly small footprint, three P900 e-Series Chillers were ideal for this confined plant space

The best and only solution for this project was to incorporate three 90kW Mitsubishi Electric Modular e-Series Chillers to provide 270kW of cooling at standard conditions 35/12/7˚C. The Mitsubishi Electric e-Series EAHV-P900-N units have a width of 900mm, and when purchased with internal headers, only require 900mm clearance for electrical servicing (fan facing side) and 750mm clearance for mechanical servicing (condenser coil facing side).

When installed side-by-side, the three EAHV-P900-N Chiller modules measure 6750mm long by only 900mm deep, excluding clearances.

e-Series Chillers and Heat Pumps are readily available in New Zealand

Black Diamond Technologies holds stock of the Mitsubishi Electric e-Series Chillers and Heat Pumps. As such, they can be delivered quickly to meet project deadlines.

The Result

This fast track project was designed by Jackson Engineering and installed by Econair Services Limited. The e-Series P900’s unique shape and dimensions meant that it fit in the space available without compromising the required clearances and met the site’s low noise criteria.

Equipment Breakdown

Total Capacity

Cooling Capacity: 270kW at conditions 35/12/7°C

Products Used

3 x EAHV-P900YA-N Air Sourced Modular Inverter Scroll Heat Pumps with internal header

Wall Controller

1 x PAR-W31MAA-J Controller



Published: Wednesday, 3 June 2020

264 Mt Eden Road