e-Series Modular Chillers

New Zealand case studies featuring the e-Series Chillers from Mitsubishi Electric

264 Mt Eden Road, Auckland is a commercial building owned by Romily Properties (Mt Eden) Limited. The complex was redesigned and upgraded from a VRF system to hydronic chiller and fan coil units to satisfy the needs of the new tenants more appropriately. The refurbished property included offices and lab testing facilities for the new tenants.
QT Wellington is located on the city’s waterfront and is renowned for its artistic design, fine dining and luxury accommodation. As such, in 2019 when they were looking to update their existing chiller solution for their main building, a high-quality and energy efficient replacement was essential.
New Zealand’s First Zero Carbon Hospital Features Energy Efficient e-Series Modular Chillers for Cooling
e-Series Modular Chillers