QT Wellington

QT Wellington is located on the city’s waterfront and is renowned for its artistic design, fine dining and luxury accommodation. As such, in 2019 when they were looking to update their existing chiller solution for their main building, a high-quality and energy efficient replacement was essential.

The Challenge

The mechanical work required for this project included replacement of the 180kW air-cooled chiller, pipework and ancillaries that were installed in the early 1990s. The plant platform on the roof also required modification.

The Solution

Slimline cutting edge Mitsubishi Electric e-Series Chiller

The EACV-P1800YBL-N-BS e-Series Chiller was chosen for multiple reasons including its exceptional efficiency with low noise, salt corrosion resistance and in-built header.

The very small footprint of this single module chiller also suited the existing mounting frame from the original chiller, minimising the required modifications.

Super-efficient inverter technology reduces year-round energy consumption

Equipped with four high-efficiency inverter compressors developed by Mitsubishi Electric ensures optimum performance according to the operation load.

The compressors can operate efficiently even during night time and intermediate seasons with low load, thereby saving energy throughout the year.

This model of e-Series Chiller boasts a SEER 4.58 seasonal efficiency rating.

BS Treatment protects the outdoor units to ensure efficient performance for longer

Being on the Wellington Waterfront, salt corrosion protection is paramount for any exposed mechanical plant.

Mitsubishi Electric’s BS Treatment to the chassis, panel work and airside coil ensures longer life when compared to standard finish products in this harsh sea air environment.

Built-in headers simplify design, installation and maintenance

While the e-Series is available with and without internal headers, the built-in header N-type was selected to reduce pipework, which saved cost and installation time on the roof. As a result, a quicker changeover of the original aged chiller could be achieved.

City Multi and e-Series Chillers complete this total hotel solution offering ultimate occupant comfort

The existing chiller upgrade with the e-Series on the main building has provided optimal cooling to guest rooms, to complement the existing heating application.

The property’s second adjacent hotel apartment building was built in 2005 with a Mitsubishi Electric City Multi VRF System, which provides efficient and simultaneous cooling and heating in the rooms.

BDT’s e-Series Chiller installation in 2019, and the earlier installed City Multi VRF, provides a total hotel solution to ensure QT guests enjoy year-round optimal comfort.

Product update – the new e-Series Chiller Range now incorporates R32 refrigerant

As of December 2020, this e-Series Chiller Range is available with low GWP R32 refrigerant and salt-resistant, flat aluminium tube airside heat exchangers. As a result, the refrigerant charge is reduced by some 68% with an increased SEER 5.36 seasonal efficiency (cooling only unit).

Equipment Breakdown

Total capacity
Cooling capacity: 180kW

Product used
1x EACV-P1800YBL-N-BS Air Source Cooling Only
1x PAR-W31MAA-J Controller


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Created: Friday 4th of September 2020

Published: Thursday, 3 December 2020

QT Wellington