Process cooling of the printing floor area at Datam.

The Challenge

Unlike most process cooling jobs this project actually has a variable load due to the stop start nature of the printing process and also regular addition of unconditioned paper to the room. Not to mention the large number of people in the space from time to time and also the fresh air requirement that comes with this.

It was essential to maintain the space at a suitable temperature to allow the electronic printing machinery to operate and also control the humidity to prevent issues with the paper.

The project also had the added challenge of needing to be completed without disruption to the companies’ core business – printing.

The Solution

City Multi Close Control Process Coolers in conjunction with the Y Series condensing units were used on the site. Each system is has one indoor process cooler connected to one set of Y Series condensing units. This allows not only for staged installation but provides high levels of equipment redundancy too.

Each unit has the ability to operate in either close control mode (without dehumidifying the air) or standard mode (to purposefully dehumidify) as and when required by connection to a humidistat.

As the condensing units all use inverter driven compressors this system can ramp up or down to accurately match the load present, without suffering the wear and tear that the previously installed fixed speed compressor system did.

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 0 kW
Cooling Capacity: 280 kW

Outdoor Units

10 x PUHY-P250YHM-A

Indoor Units

5 x PFD-P500VM-E Close Control Units

Wall Controllers

Included in PFD Unit