Aorangi House

Aorangi House was an existing high rise office block with a dated appearance and equally dilapidated mechanical services. A complete make over of the building was required to attract new tenants. In a market where office space is plentiful, a standard fit out and décor just wasn’t going to cut the mustard...

The Challenge

As with all existing building refits, there were space restrictions for new plant and in the case of this building the need to work within a maximum electrical load as well. On top of this the designers wanted the ‘industrial’ look with services exposed including ducted units, ducting, pipe work etc. This meant that the workmanship on site had to be second to none but also that our equipment breakout noise had to be very low indeed.

The Solution

Working closely with BECA consulting, who would also eventually occupy 6 of the 8 office floors equipment was selected from our R2 range. Careful consideration was given to indoor unit size, particularly height. Breakout noise was a key concern as there is no actual ceiling in the office spaces, only some architectural panels below the units.

As there was some concern about the possible maximum electrical demand for the building this VRF system was fitted with load shedding demand control plugs which allow the turn down of outdoor unit capacity based on building electrical load. This meant rather than switching off certain units, all would keep running but with a lesser output.

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 361 kW
Cooling Capacity: 401 kW

Outdoor Units

5 x PURY-YHM-A-BS Heat Recovery Units

Indoor Units

9 x PDFY-VM-E Ducted Units
31 x PEFY-P40VMH-E Ducted Units

Wall Controllers

32 x PAR-21MAA Wall Controllers
1 x BACnet Interface PC



Aorangi House