Cromwell Medical Centre

A new medical centre servicing the township of Cromwell including all medical disciplines usually found in a community.

The Challenge

The design brief was to provide a highly energy efficient building that would best suit the needs of a variety of medical professions all housed under one roof. The air conditioning and ventilation system needed to be able to provide comfort with economy all year round which is no mean feat when outside ambient temperatures range from a winter low of -10°C to summer high over 35°C.

The Solution

City Multi R2 Systems were largely used throughout the building to provide the air conditioning but the largest system also had a PWFY–BU water heating unit to provide heat recovery from the air conditioning load into the sanitary hot water system. As the clinic has many basins hot water usage is high, so this was a good example of ‘time of use based energy savings’. The foyer and server room were kept to individual Y Series to maintain system integrity and also keep install costs in check.

There was a considerable fresh air requirement for this building and to ensure the ‘energy efficiency’ theme was carried through here, City Multi Y Series Zubadan condensing units were teamed up with the new AHU controller fitted to purpose built air handlers providing all of the fresh air, either pre heated or pre-cooled.

An AG150A provides central control functions on this site and with the addition of a DIDO controller also took care of switching the various extract fans.

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 287 kW
Cooling Capacity: 258 kW

Outdoor Units

3 x PURY-YHM-A Heat Recovery Unit

Indoor Units

13 x PLFY-VCM-E Four Way Cassettes
19 x PLFY-VBM-E Four Way Cassettes
4 x PKFY-P100VKM-E Hi Wall Units
1 x PMFY-VBM-E One Way Cassette
1 x PEFY-VMH-E Ducted Units

Hot Water

1 x PWFY-P100BU-E Water Heating Unit

Air Handler Units

2 x PAC-AH250H-J AHU Controller Units

Wall Controllers

36 x PAR-21MAA
1 x PAR-W21MAA

Central Controller

1 x AG-150A Central Controller


Central Refrigeration


Cromwell Medical Centre