Avantidrome - the home of cycling is the new high profile Velodrome Cycling facility located in the Waikato

The Challenge

To provide this unique Velodrome complex with the appropriate heat recovery VRF, variable fresh air tempering and control equipment to provide the most efficient and comfortable solution for the diverse state of the art facility.

The Solution

The new Avantidrome in Cambridge has only just opened but has already successfully hosted its first event, the Elite and Under 19 Track Cycling Championships. This is also another success story for Mitsubishi Electric City Multi VRF systems, boasting nearly 500 kW (nominal) of cooling/heating capacity. The overall complex is broken into two main areas, the circuit itself and the three story support building on the East side. This in turn is divided into a wide range of different spaces, from offices and meeting rooms to other separate tenancies like Revolve Café and Avanti cycles. All of which house a total of 58 Mitsubishi Electric indoor units including cassettes, ducted units and hi-walls - all controlled by an AG150 Touch Screen controller.

As well as having overall control of each individual unit on site the AG150 also oversees the fresh air requirements for the building, including two rooftop AHUs and other smaller fans dotted around the complex. The Clever AHU’s, connected to Mitsubishi Electric’s outdoor units are now a familiar sight around New Zealand and on this project deliver a combined 2320l/s of tempered fresh air to the whole building. Each AHU houses Mitsubishi Electric’s unique PAC controllers which allow precise control of air-off temp. Other smaller fans are connected via CN51 input plugs to their corresponding indoor units, allowing easy control and efficient operation. The AG150 (via interlock software) very cleverly only brings on the AHU that is required at any given time to avoid running the bigger fans unnecessarily.

Behind the scenes the Mitsubishi Electric TG2000 is quietly monitoring the entire system, plotting temperature trends and power usage, and even calculating the power used in individual tenancies/spaces.

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 528 kW
Cooling Capacity: 473 kW

Outdoor Units

13 x PURY-YJM-A Heat Recovery Units
2 x PUHY-YJM-A Heat Pump Units

Indoor Units

6 x PLFY-VCM-E 4 Way Cassette
28 x PLFY-VBM-E 4 Way Cassette
1 x PEFY-VMA-E Ducted Unit
10 x PKFY-VBM-E Wall Mount Units
6 x PKFY-VHM-E Wall Mount Units

Air Handler Units

1 x PAC-AH100M-J AHU Controller Unit
1 x PAC-AH125M-J AHU Controller Units
4 x PAC-AH250M-J AHU Controller Units


52 x PAR-31MAA-J Remote Controls
1 x AG-150A Colour Touch Panel
2 x PAC-YG50ECA-J Expansion Modules
1 x PAC-YG66DCA-J DIDO Module
1 x PAC-YG60MCA-J PI Module
1 x TG2000 PC


Haden Hamilton


LHT Design


Published: Thursday, 10 April 2014