Honiara Public Service Building

Located in Honiara the capital city of the Solomon Islands, The ministry of Public Service Building has been designed to house the Minister of Public Service and the staff associated with the 3 main divisions of the Ministry

The Challenge

The Design specification required central and localised control of high efficiency inverter controlled systems capable of a total of 200kW of cooling, with one system per floor and a fresh air tempering unit of 20kW to precondition the fresh air entering the building. As well as this there is salt air drift from the sea offering another twist to the equipment selection.

The Solution

A total of 4 City Multi Y-series systems were selected for the entire building to meet the constant cooling load required in such a climate.

A total of 43 indoor units, of both ceiling concealed ducted and 4-way blow cassette models were selected to meet the specification requirements, an AG150 central controller and the inclusion of BS, additional salt and corrosion protection model outdoor units were selected offering a complete package to meet the building and environmental requirements.

Total Capacity

Cooling Capacity: 203.4 kW

Outdoor Units

5 x PUHY-YJM-A-BS Heat Pump Units

Indoor Units

20 x PEFY-VMA-E Ducted Units
22 x PLFY-VCM-E Compact Cassette Units
1 x PLFY-VBM-E Cassette Units


43 x PAR-21MAA-M Remote Controls
1 x AG-150A-J Central Controller



Published: Thursday, 10 April 2014

Honiara Public Service Building