Transpower Islington

Mitsubishi Electric’s new Infrared Occupancy Controller featuring an occupancy sensor has been installed into Transpower Christchurch’s new offices to maximise energy efficiency and minimise deadweight energy loss.

The Challenge

To maximize energy efficiency and minimize deadweight energy loss associated with the varying occupancy rates of the communal (and meeting) areas at Transpower new offices located in Islington.

The Solution

The new PIR Controller (PAR-U02MEDA-J) was selected as the local control option in both the Meeting Room and Cafeteria at Transpower Islington. The unique occupancy sensing and brightness sensing functions of this controller meant it quickly become the obvious solution when aiming to provide maximum energy efficiency in this building.

The PIR sensing was utilised as being best suited to the client’s needs of maintaining the space condition while avoiding the additional running costs associated with varying daily rates of occupancy.

While in use the PIR sensor will recognize the presence of people and turn itself on, and by the same token when occupancy is not sensed the controller can automatically turn itself off after the programmable delay time, maximising energy saving.

Other added features of this controller like its full backlit touch screen, and LED mode indicator light, ensured this controller would fit in nicely amongst the other hi- tech equipment in the modern meeting room.

Combining the PIR sensor with the 0.5˚C increment display and humidity display, the Mitsubishi Electric PIR controller was the obvious choice when it came to maximising comfort for clients and staff at the Christchurch Transpower Offices.


Published: Thursday, 10 April 2014

Transpower Islington