Lincoln Library

Located in the fast growing Selwyn district, Lincoln Township’s new library and service centre draws inspiration from Lincoln's rural heritage. The building is constructed from metal with stone cladding - materials commonly used in agricultural buildings.

The Challenge

There were several objectives of this project:
- To provide both a small capacity multi system suitable for air-conditioning the administration areas;
- To provide an efficient, unobtrusive hot water heating source capable of maintaining the 700m2 buildings’ heating requirements through underfloor heating circuits;
- To allow for high level control via an external BMS system.

The Solution

3x 25kW hot water modules were selected to be paired with independent condensing units in order to meet the heating requirements of the space in a varied climate, while also offering additional diversity and staging possibilities via BACnet protocol through a BAC-HD150 Interface.

In conjunction with the underfloor heating, ducted air conditioning units were installed to heat the administration area; the ducted units are connected to an 18kW City Multi Heat Pump.

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 18 kW
Hot Water Heating to 45˚C: 75 kW

Outdoor Units

3 x PUHY-YJM-A Heat Pump Units
2 x PUMY-YHMB Heat Pump Units

Indoor Units

3 x PEFY-VMA-E Ducted Unit
3 x PWFY-P200AU Hot Water Modules


3 x PAR-31MAA-J Remote Controls
3 x PAR-W21MAA-J Remote Controls
1 x BAC-HD150 BACnet Interface


Dawn Group Ltd.


Published: Thursday, 19 June 2014

Lincoln Library