Mini Garage

Tucked under the Newmarket flyover, this unique, eye-catching building houses another simple yet effective City Multi system.

The Challenge

To provide an efficient heating and air-conditioning solution for a small building with a variety of different usable spaces - from showrooms to conference rooms.

The Solution

Y-Series heat pumps provide an extremely versatile VRF solution. Able to connect to hot water modules, AHU, and the complete range of more conventional indoors, they are ideal for heating larger areas/zones where heat recovery isn’t required, but all the other benefits of City Multi, are.

Given the nature of the spaces within this particular building, it was apparent from the start that Y-Series outdoor units were going to be the most cost effective solution for the project. PEFY-VMA-E indoor units are the most popular option for ducted solutions within the City Multi indoor range. Historically they make up 51% of all City Multi indoor unit sales and they proved their worth again here. With 5 static pressure settings and optional condensate pump, they were ideal to suit both the conference room as well as the show room, as the latter required long duct runs and the former featured narrow ceiling spaces and little or no room for condensate drains. The ability to sense temperature at either the wall controller or return air also made them the ideal choice for both situations. Compact outdoors minimised visibility and ensured the complete package for the end user.

Equipment Breakdown

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 101.5 kW

Cooling Capacity: 91.4 kW

Outdoor Units

3 x PUHY-P-YJM-A Heat Pump Units

Indoor Units

6 x PEFY-VMA-E Ducted Units
1 x PKFY-VHM-E Highwall units

Wall Controllers

7 x PAR-31MAA-J Remote Controls



Published: Thursday, 19 November 2015

Mini Garage