Boulcott Suites, Central Wellington

The Boulcott Suites is a five star apartment style hotel located in Central Wellington, operated by the Village Accommodation Group. The newly constructed north tower offers a mix of classy premium studio and one bedroom accommodation facilities.

The Challenge

To provide an effective heating and cooling solution under a contractor design and build scenario while considering aspects of acoustics, ease of maintenance, occupant comfort and safety as well as user and owner friendly controls. A system that was able to be commissioned in phases, while being cost effective and finished to a high standard was also pivotal in this project.

The Mitsubishi Electric Solution

The Mitsubishi Electric Hybrid VRF (HVRF) System not only met this brief, but offered a solution that comprehensively allowed for occupant comfort due to HVRF having milder off-coil temperatures when compared with traditional direct expansion systems. The system can simultaneously heat and cool from the single system per floor. By removing refrigerant from occupied spaces, HVRF was not only a safe alternative for this application but a cost effective one as there is no need for expensive refrigerant detection systems, additional refrigerant charge or the higher installation costs associated.

Each cassette unit was equipped with an infrared receiver which fits seamlessly in the corner panel of the cassette unit to allow the occupant to have a wireless remote controller. The AE-200E Central Controller allows for scheduling and monitoring of the air conditioning units by the building operator without the need for inspection of individual rooms. The touch screen interface or the integrated advanced web browser built into the controller when connected to a local area network also allows the building manager or occupant to monitor the system and adjust accordingly for optimum comfort.

Equipment Breakdown

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 220.5 kW
Cooling Capacity: 196.0 kW

Outdoor Units

7 x PURY-P250YLM-A

Indoor Units

70 x PLFY-WP32VBM-E 4-Way Cassette Units

Branch Controllers

7 x CMB-WP1016V-GA1 Hybrid Branch Controllers


1 x AE200-E Central Controller

1 x EW50-E Expansion Controller

70 x PAR-SA9FA Wireless Receiver

70 x PAR-SL97A-E Wireless Remote



Published: Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Boulcott Suites, Central Wellington