Riverlands House, 31 Victoria Street

Located on the corner of Kilmore Avenue and Victoria Street in Christchurch, Riverlands House is a new building designed to maximise the potential of this dramatic corner site, which is strategically located at the city entrance to what will quickly become a new and vibrant Victorian precinct.

The Challenge

To provide effective ventilation, combined with R2 City Multi Air Conditioning units within the confines of the sites triangular design without compromising views and natural day lighting within the working environment, nor disrupting the structural elements of this modern new glass-fronted building.

The Mitsubishi Electric Solution

In New Zealand, the NZS4303-1990 guidelines call for certain minimum fresh air levels to be met for any new office building designed and constructed. These guidelines, together with Christchurch’s relatively stable year round temperatures make heat recovery ventilation units popular. For Riverlands House, these factors along with the City Multi VRF units onsite made Lossnay the sensible ventilation choice.

In total, four LGH-80RVX-E units were selected to provide the fresh air requirements for the first and second floors of this building. At Riverlands House, interface plugs were used to send on/off signals from the AC units to the Lossnay units too. This was so that the ventilation and air conditioning systems would always work together to maximise efficiencies across all HVAC plants onsite. An example of this can be seen when the Lossnay operates in Heat Recovery Mode (as it does the majority of the time) taking away some of the heating / cooling loads from the City Multi R2 Systems, and in turn easing the clients ongoing mechanical services and running costs to their delight.

To optimise the design, a high level of control was incorporated using Mitsubishi Electric’s AE-200E Centralised Controller. Lossnay RVX Models are M-NET compatible and can be addressed like air conditioner units. In this circumstance all four LGH-80RVX-E units were able to be controlled individually via the AE200E Centralised Controller. Operation control of the Lossnay units include on/off, mode, fan speed, and scheduling; all of which are being utilised by the building managers on a weekly basis at a central location.

Equipment Breakdown

Total Capacity

135kW (nominal)

Outdoor Units

3 x PURY-P200YLM-A

3 x PURY-P250YLM-A

Indoor Units

10 x PEFY-VMH High Static Ducted

3 x PEFY-VMA Mid Static Ducted

Wall Controllers

PAR-32MAA-E 7-Day Timer

Central Controllers

1 x AE200-E Central Controller




Published: Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Riverlands House, 31 Victoria Street