Rotorua Children’s Health Hub & Library

A new state of the art, centrally-located, shared community facility comprising of the Rotorua Library as well as a Children’s Health Clinic and DHB offices. This site is one of the largest HVRF projects sold in Australasia.

The Challenge

To provide an efficient and comfortable HVAC solution that best fit within the scope of this pre-existing building structure whilst catering for two tenants, both with very different layouts on each of the four floors.

The Mitsubishi Electric Solution

The best solution to meet these challenges was to select City Multi Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow (HVRF) Systems to provide the heating and cooling requirements to many of the mixed-use library and health hub areas.

Ten HVRF Systems were selected by the consultant BECA for the principle reason of having less extreme air off temperatures, and slower temperature change responses across the fan coil units. This was particularly important in areas of the building with slightly lower than usual internal ceilings. HVRF Indoor units are quieter than standard refrigerant indoors because they use water as the medium which suits the aspects of the library.

Along with the floor concealed units, mid-static ducted units and cassette units across multiple sizes were used to suit each of the individual spaces. As an external wall was extended out onto what was previously a courtyard / balcony area, several PFFY-WP50VLRMM-E Floor Concealed units were then selected to best suit this long, newly-created open plan area that could be easily boxed out once the external wall had been constructed. PAR-U02MEDA-K Wall Controllers were installed with these units for the advanced energy saving capabilities associated with the built-in PIR Sensor. An AE200 Touch Screen Central Controller was also installed in this project to provide complete system management.

Equipment Breakdown

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 447.5kW
Cooling Capacity: 408.4 kW

Outdoor Units

1 x PURY-P200YLM-A-BS Heat Recovery Unit

3 x PURY-P250YLM-A-BS Heat Recovery Unit

2 x PURY-P400YLM-A-BS Heat Recovery Unit

2 x PURY-P450YLM-A-BS Heat Recovery Unit

2 x PURY-P500YLM-A1-BS Heat Recovery Unit

Branch Controller

16 x CMB-WP108V-GA1 Branch Controller

Indoor Units

54 x PEFY-WP** VMA-E HVRF Ducted Units

12 x PFFY-WP50VLRMM-E HVRF Floor Console Units

14 x PLFY-WP**VBM-E HVRF Ceiling Cassette Units

2 x MSZ-GE50VAD2-A1 High Wall Split Systems

Central Controllers

60 x PAR-U02MEDA-K Wall Controller

24 x PAC-SE41TS-E Temperature Sensor

2 x MAC-333IF-E Controller Interface

1 x AE-200E Touch Screen Centralised Controller

1 x EW-50E Centralised Controller

2 x PAC-YG66DCA-J DIDO Interface



Published: Friday, 30 November 2018

Rotorua Children’s Health Hub & Library