R32 Hyrbrid

R32 Hybrid VRF - Simultaneous Heating and Cooling

Hybrid VRF Key Features and Benefits

Provides Simultaneous Heating and Cooling with Full Heat Recovery

R32 Hybrid VRF is an advanced simultaneous heating and cooling system with heat recovery and delivers a proven alternative solution to traditional R410A VRF systems.

Energy Saving

Save more energy by Heat Recovery Operation if heating and cooling operations are required at the same time.

The more frequently heating and cooling simultaneous operation occurs, the higher the energy saving effect becomes.

Even higher efficiency operation is possible by utilising the Centralised Control and scheduled operation.

Water Instead of Refrigerant Is at the Heart of the Indoor Units

The system is based on a 2 Pipe Heat Recovery VRF System but uses water as a heat exchange medium between the Hybrid Branch Controller and the indoor units.

As such, the system combines the comfort of a traditional hydronic system with the efficiency and ease of modern VRF air conditioning – giving you the best of both worlds.

Flexible Design and Modularity Allow for a Manageable Phased Installation

The small footprint and modular design means building owners can now take advantage of a manageable phased installation.

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Reduce Maintenance Costs and Maximise Safety by Minimising the Need for Leak Detection

Legislation is now demanding that leak detection equipment is installed alongside VRF air conditioning when it is used in small occupied spaces in accordance with AS/NZS 5149. (1-4) 2016.

The Hybrid VRF architecture minimises the need for leak detection in these confined areas. This is because water instead of refrigerant is piped between the branch box and the indoor units mounted in each room. As a result there is no risk of refrigerant escaping into the room space.

In addition to maximising occupant safety, significant up front equipment and on-going maintenance cost savings are able to be realised because expensive leak detection systems are not required to be installed and maintained within occupied rooms.

Use Less Material and Equipment

Mitsubishi Electric’s unique 2-Pipe Heat Recovery System requires less piping than a 4-Pipe Chiller System.

The system does not require an external pump, valves, sensors, actuators, or other ancilliary controls associated with conventional 4-Pipe Chiller Systems.

Quieter Operation Through Water Based Fan Coils

Because water instead of refrigerant is circulated through the terminal fan coils, quiet operation and silent off cycle operation is assured.

High Sensible Cooling and Stable Room Temperatures

Occupant comfort is paramount. Hybrid VRF Systems deliver milder off coil temperatures and are specifically designed to provide a gradual rate of change of temperature within the air conditioned space delivering a comfortable and stable environment.

Furthermore Hybrid VRF offers on average a 10% increase in sensible cooling at terminal compared to traditional VRF systems.

Combat the Rising Costs of R410A Refrigerant

The rapid and continuing price rises of R410A refrigerant is placing a strain on the viability of traditional VRF systems.

As a result Mitsubishi Electric have developed R32 Hybrid VRF to ensure that both customers and installers not only have an alternative, but also get the added benefits of lower refrigerant costs, efficient performance and advanced controls.

R32 Minimal Global Warming Impact with 66% Less GWP Than R410A

Existing VRF units use R410A which has a GWP of 2,088, the newly adopted R32 refrigerant has a reduced GWP of 675 – that’s 66% less than R410A.

Key Features