R32 Hyrbrid

R32 Hybrid VRF - Simultaneous Heating and Cooling

Where Can Hybrid VRF be Applied?

R32 Hybrid VRF the Complete Solution for Today's Modern Buildings

City Multi Hybrid VRF Systems allow for a flexible layout, making installation simple. With the use of Centralised Control, HVRF can be utilised in a wide variety of applications that require individual space comfort settings such as hotels, offices, hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

Furthermore, HVRF minimises the potential hazards to people, property and the environment that could result from leakages of traditional refrigerant systems in confined occupied spaces.

Mixed-use Buildings

As we look for ways to balance population growth in crowded city centres, more mixed-use properties are being developed; often combining retail, office, leisure and living spaces in the same building. Hybrid VRF provides a fully adaptable solution benefiting from air or water source options, using an extensive range of controls to ensure optimum performance.


Modern offices and commercial buildings need air conditioning systems that provide the highest levels of comfort, freshness and energy efficiency.


Customer comfort is paramount with legislation focusing attention on energy use and seeking to limit the use of refrigerant in occupied spaces. Hybrid VRF minimises the need for leak detection in the occupied space, thereby reducing the total cost of the system and ongoing maintenance of the leak detection system itself.

Hospitals and Medical Centres

With regards to patient health and safety, this system has no refrigerant in the indoor units and can deliver mild off-coil temperatures through the Water-Based Hybrid VRF Indoor Units. HVRF minimises the need for leak detectors in consulting rooms and provides a solution to critical refrigerant limits outlined in AS/NZS 5149. (1-4) 2016.


Providing comfort through temperature stability, removal of refrigerant from the occupied space and reduced noise – Hybrid VRF provides a truly integrated solution.Hybrid VRF delivers comfortable and stable air temperature control with no refrigerant in occupied spaces, minimising the need for leak detection.

Typical Applications