Te Omanga Hospice

Te Omanga Hospice is a palliative care facility based in Lower Hutt, Wellington. Having outgrown the existing building on the site which was also deemed an earthquake risk, the hospice required a new facility to provide exceptional care to its patients.

This paved the way for a new purpose-built hospice, designed by local Wellington firm CCM Architects, to be constructed on the existing site consisting of eight in-patient bedrooms, associated medical facilities, support staff spaces and an administration wing.

The Challenge

The project called for numerous HVAC services and integration with the Nurse Call system but the specification excluded a Building Management System due to budget constraints. However, it was evident that an integrated networked solution would be required to satisfy the functional interaction between various components.

The Mitsubishi Electric Solution

BDT were selected to supply a Building Management System and City Multi equipment for Te Omanga Hospice. The BMS incorporates all aspects of the HVAC system and interfaces with the site Nurse Call equipment.

A fresh air AHU and City Multi System provides tempered fresh air and space temperature control for the administration area. The in-patient wing is served by a heat recovery AHU and extensive underfloor heating system to provide energy efficient comfort throughout.

The Mitsubishi Electric DC-8000 has been utilised as the central integration controller and configured to provide a web based user interface. This allows the client to control and monitor the entire HVAC system from any computer connected to the building network. The user interface has been designed to be easy to navigate and provide the required level of information and history logging for this specific project.

BDT provided fully programmable BACnet Controllers as part of the BMS project to expand the control capabilities. Multiple time schedules can be adjusted via the graphical user interface and control all aspects of the HVAC system. Unit operation, fault status and temperatures throughout the facility are presented graphically and recorded. The client is notified of any potential equipment issues via the Nurse Call interface and automated email paging.

The DC-8000 interfaces to the AE-200 Central Controller via a proprietary software interface which allows extensive system information to be monitored, expanding the capabilities of the City Multi equipment.

Equipment Breakdown


Heating Capacity: 101.5kW
Cooling Capacity: 91.4kW

Outdoor Units

1 x PURY-P600YSNW-A-BS Heat Recovery Outdoor Unit

1 x PUHY-P200YNW-A.TH-BS AHU Outdoor Unit

Branch Controllers

1 x CMB-P1012V-JA Main Branch Controller

1 x CMB-P108V-KB Sub Branch Controller

Indoor Units

4 x PEFY-VMA Mid-Static Ducted Units

8 x PKFY-VBM High Wall Units

2 x PKFY-VHM High Wall Units

4 x PLFY-VBM 4-Way Cassette Units

Wall Controllers

17 x PAC-YT52 Simple Wall Controllers

2 x PAR-31 Wall Controllers

Central Controllers

1 x AE-200 Central Controller

BMS Equipment Breakdown

1 x DC-8000 JACE Controller

9 x BACnet Controllers

9 x BACnet Controller Expansion Modules

58 x Underfloor Heating Control Valve Actuators

32 x Space Temperature Sensors

9 x Damper Actuators

8 x Current Switches

4 x Differential Pressure Sensors

4 x Differential Pressure Transmitters

4 x Duct Temperature Sensors

1 x Control Valve & Actuator

1 x Outdoor Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor




Published: Monday, 17 June 2019

Te Omanga Hospice