The Branch Controller allows for simultaneous cooling and heating across a single R2 system using only two pipes.

2 pipe heat recovery

In many ways, the Branch Controller is the technological heart of the CITY MULTI R2/WR2. It works in unison with the outdoor unit to provide simultaneous cooling and heating, something no other two-pipe system can do. The BC is connected to the outdoor unit by two pipes and to each indoor unit by a series of two refrigerant pipes. The Branch Controller is required for all CITY MULTI R2-Series installations. It comes in 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, and 16-branch options. The Branch Controller you select depends on the number of indoor units that will be operated from each outdoor unit and your total capacity requirements.

Sub-BC controller connections increased

Only two sub-BC controllers could be connected to a main BC controller in previous models. Up to 11 sub-BC controllers can now be connected to the new BC controller, allowing for more flexibility in system design. The line-branching method enables the creation of system designs that use less refrigerant.

Greater flexibility in refrigerant piping design

The piping length from the main BC controller to indoor units has been increased from 60m[196ft] to 90m[295ft], providing greater flexibility in piping design.

*Sub-BC controllers should be used when piping length is 60m[196ft.] or more.

Main BC controller with increased connection capacity

The connection capacity of the main BC controller has been increased compared to previous controllers, allowing system designs with fewer units. The KA type, which can be connected to units up to 44 HP, has been added to the product lineup to handle outdoor units with increased capacities.

Reduced height

With an average lower height of 40.5mm compared to previous sub-BC controllers, the new design can be installed in ceilings with limited space.

* Servicing space is required.

Improved accessibility to lower surface and serviceability

Previously, the drain pan on conventional models was built into the bottom and could not be removed. The drain pan of the new model is installed on the lower surface like a cover, making it easily removable for service from below. Serviceability is therefore improved compared to conventional units, which need to be serviced from the side.

* Service space is required..