Ducted or Ceiling Enclosed

Hidden from view, our ceiling concealed and ducted systems provide efficient heating without interfering with the style of your interior.

Ceiling Concealed (Low profile bulkhead), Low Static 5 - 50Pa (1.7 - 7.1kW cooling)
Ceiling Concealed (Ducted), Mid Static 35 - 150Pa (2.2 - 16kW cooling)
Ceiling Concealed (Ducted), High Static 200Pa+ (4.5 - 28kW cooling)
Ceiling concealed type - Fresh air intake type Air conditioner with fresh air intake structure enables intake of outside air. Pre-treating the intake air contributes to ensure optimized room comfort.
Ceiling concealed type - Low noise type Realizes low noise operation as well as reduced construction work and maintenance, to create a comfortable room environment. Most suitable for installation in places such as hotels.
Ceiling concealed type - Compact depth type Compact depth design and three air inlet positions offer flexible installation. The line-up consists of up to P63 with the same depth.
Ducted or Ceiling Enclosed