Pacific Tower

This 23 storey building close to the centre of Christchurch’s CBD is Christchurch’s tallest. The building tenants include Rendezvous Hotel and restaurant, apartments and a penthouse office on the top floor.

The Challenge

The project was a design build and BDT had significant involvement right from the start. Budgetary concerns were always important but there were bigger challenges such as finding sufficient plant space for condensing units serving the lower floors while avoiding issues with boundary noise levels or taking up precious car park space. Floor to ceiling height is always an issue in this type of high rise building.

There was also the need to be able to provide energy billing for the air conditioning systems to the various tenants and overall control of the whole system without involving a BMS company.

The Solution

The City Multi R2 System was used throughout the building. The condensers for ground to level 13 were placed on level 4 internal balcony plant decks which were open to the car park six-storey stacking machine inside the building. Suitable ventilation was provided to the car park levels by the entrance ramp and a large array of wall louvers on the west and south of the building. The condensers cannot be seen or heard from outside the building. The remaining condensers for levels 14 to 23, were placed on the roof.

With floor height restrictions and a directive from the architect that ‘high wall units shall not be used in the hotel rooms’ PLFY 1 way cassettes were selected and proved to be a very successful and cost effective solution.

A TG2000 was installed to umbrella the six G50A controllers and provide a ‘BMS’ style front end while at the same logging and billing the electricity consumed by the various tenants.

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 846 kW
Cooling Capacity: 757 kW

Outdoor Units

15 x PURY-YGM-A Heat Recovery Units

Indoor Units

12 x PLFY-VCM-E Four Way Cassettes
8 x PLFY-VAM-EPLFY-VAM-E Four Way Cassettes
7 x PLFY-VLMD-E Two Way Cassettes
160 x PLFY-VBM-E One Way Cassettes
4 x PKFY-VAM-E Hi Wall Units
1 x PCFY-P40VGM-E Under Ceiling Units
14 x PEFY-P32VMS-E Ducted Units

Wall Controllers

34 x PAR-21MAA
160 x PAC-YT51-CRA

Central Controller

6 x G50A Central Controllers
1 x TG2000 PC


Bedford Mechanical


Pacific Tower