Aspire Health and Sports

Located on SH2 in Bethlehem Tauranga, Aspire Health and Sports is a brand new two story multi- purpose gym/health centre.

The Challenge

To provide an efficient air conditioning solution to a range of different spaces, each with their own unique requirements located within the complex.

The Solution

The unique combination of heating/cooling requirements at this facility made the PWFY hot water modules, in conjunction with Mitsubishi Electric R2 simultaneous VRF, the obvious solution from the outset. PWFY water heating modules connect easily to the VRF system, and provide a straight forward solution for heat recovery between different zones and different mediums. On this project, heat generated in the group exercise/spin classes is seamlessly transferred to heat exchangers used to pre heat water for both domestic hot water (showers) and 25m lap pool applications. Even when the cooling load is not at its peak, the R2 system uses heat pump technology to provide efficient water pre-heating all year round.

With their long throw and cost effective installation PCFY under ceiling units were selected to serve the large exercise spaces. High wall units serve most of the small offices/treatment spaces, and cassette units the café/foyer area on the ground floor. Mitsubishi’s AE200 touch screen central controller ties the whole system together. Located conveniently in reception, the AE200 allows staff quick and straight forward manual control of all the spaces in the complex, whilst also carrying out time scheduled functions behind the scenes.

Total Capacity

202 kW (nominal)

Outdoor Units

2 x PURY-P900YSJM Heat Recovery Units

Indoor Units

12 x PCFY-P100VKM-E Under Ceiling
3 x PCFY-P125VKM-E Under Ceiling Units
6 x PKFY-P20VBM-E High Wall Units
1 x PKFY-P25VBM-E High Wall Units
2 x PKFY-P32VHM-E High Wall Units
2 x PKFY-P40VHM-E High Wall Units
1 x PKFY-P50VHM-E High Wall Units
2 x PKFY-P63VKM-E High Wall Units
1 x PLFY-P50VBM-E Cassette Units
1 x PLFY-P63VBM-E Cassette Units
1 x PWFY-P100VM-E-BU Water Modules
1 x PWFY-P200VM-E1-AU Water Modules

Central Controllers

22 x PAR-31 Remote Controls
2 x PAR-W21 Remote Controls (water)
1 x AE200 Central Controller




CHP – Taupo


Aspire Health and Sports