AE200 Centralised and Web Controller


The AE200 is a state of the art, 10.4” LCD colour touch screen controller to provide you the ultimate system management tool. The AE200’s large, back-lit display makes programming a breeze, giving you control of temperature, fan speed and airflow options at the touch of a button. With the added benefit of comprehensive energy consumption monitoring and comparisons with the previous year's power consumption. Control up to 200 units by using three AE50 expansion controllers.

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Attractive and Functional Display

Our AE200 Mitsubishi Electric centralised controller offers a large 10.4 inch touch screen display with easy control making programming a breeze, giving you control of temperature, fan speed and airflow options at the touch of a button.

Energy consumption monitoring

By comprehensibly showing the energy consumption of air-conditioning equipment, it provides assistance in energy saving.

  • Energy consumption of air-conditioning equipment by individual area is displayed using graphs for easier viewing.

  • Enables comparisons with the previous year's power consumption as well as with the target electric power, thus allowing users to check the operating state at a

  • Floor layout is displayed on the 10.4-inch LCD touch panel, facilitating easier operation of air-conditioning equipment.

Left image

Energy consumption of applicable area is displayed by the month, day, and hour.

Energy consumption of two different units, groups and blocks can be compared.

Fan operation time as well as energy consumption can be displayed.

Right image

Energy consumptions of air-conditioning equipment are ranked and displayed by individual air-conditioning equipment and by area, thus visualising high-load components. Also, comparison of energy consumption with target electric energy is possible.

Connect up to 200 units

In an easy and flexible manner, an optimum system can be established according to the scale of facilities.

  • Implements control of up to 50 indoor units of air conditioning.

  • By using three AE50 expansion controller's, the AE200 centralised controller can control of up to 200 indoor units.

  • Connection with PC allows implementation of control on more than 200 indoor units via Web browser

AE200 Demo

Try our AE200 Demo where you can control a buildings air conditioning.


City Multi Catalogue

  • 177 page catalogue.pdf (28,226 KB)
    CM13WD-K, Version MEE13K007 (April 2014)
    Comprehensive information of City Multi product, Features, Advanced technology, System controller, Indoor units, Outdoor units, Lossnay, OA processing units and Specifications.




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