Crowne Plaza Christchurch

The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Central Christchurch is currently the city’s biggest executive style hotel.

The Challenge

With 204 rooms and various amenities in this building, selecting HVAC equipment diverse enough to suit the differing floor layouts and uses was going to be challenging.

The Solution

The installation at Crowne Plaza Christchurch was to be completed in two stages, two floors at a time. Because of this, it was decided that Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) with its design flexibility would suit this project best.

The first stage included fourteen identical Mitsubishi Electric VRF Systems to serve the hotel guestrooms, installed on levels 4 to 17. This type of phased installation suits VRF technology perfectly as the equipment is designed to be adaptable to any changing fit out requirements that may arise during the construction process.

The second stage of the mechanical installation included equipment required for the lower floors. Ten Mitsubishi Electric City Multi R2 Heat Recovery Systems along with five split systems, and one Fresh Air Ducted (PUMY) Heat Pump System were chosen for the lower floors of this hotel. During the final period of the installation, an extra City Multi R2 Heat Recovery System was added to the Gym on Level 3 and a Zubadan outdoor unit was then added, and paired with an EPI Air Handler Unit (AHU) to provide fresh-air ventilation to the lower floors.

Two AE-200E Central Controllers with six EW-50E Expansion Modules are utilized on this site to maintain high level central control over all Mitsubishi Electric equipment installed here. Both of these central controllers are also fitted with a total of seven DIDO Modules so that external supply equipment like AHU’s can also be controlled via the central controllers. BACnet licenses for these controllers enable full Mitsubishi Electric equipment control via the existing BMS.

Equipment Breakdown

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 1116.4 kW
Cooling Capacity: 994.4kW

Outdoor Units

1 x PUMY-P140YKM-A Heat Pump Unit

2 x PUHY-HP200YHM-A Zubadan Heat Pump Units

8 x PURY-P200YLM-A Heat Recovery Units

3 x PURY-P250YLM-A Heat Recovery Units

2 x PLFY-VFM-E Heat Recovery Units

Indoor Units

211 x PEFY-VMA-E Ducted Units

1 x PEFY-P140VMH-E-F Fresh Air Ducted Unit

3 x PKFY-VBM-E Highwall Unit

3 x PLFY-VFM-E Compact Cassette Units

2 x PLFY-VBM-E 4-way Cassette Units

20 x PMFY-VBM-E 1-way Cassette Units

Wall Controllers

241 x PAR-31MAA-J Wall controllers

19 x PAC-SE41TS-E Remote Sensors

1 x MAC-333IF-E Interface Card

4 x PAC-SF83MA-E Interface Card

Split Systems

2 x PCA-RP71HAQ Stainless Steel Ceiling Suspended split systems

2 x PKA-RP71KAL Highwall Split Systems

1 x MSZ-GE25VAD Highwall Split System

Central Controller

2 x AE-200E Central Controller

6 x EW-50E Expansion Module

7 x PAC-YG66DCA-J DIDO Module

2 x AE200 BACnet Licences




Published: Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Crowne Plaza Christchurch