Green buildings

With today’s heightened environmental awareness, Green Buildings haven’t just become more desirable - in many cases, they are now also mandatory. With the need for ‘green’ technology greater than ever, Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced air conditioning products and systems have set an industry benchmark. By combining world class innovation with real world experience (gained right here in New Zealand), our solutions minimise energy consumption, running costs and environmental impact... all without compromising performance one bit.

Air conditioning innovation so far ahead, it’s cool

Air conditioning is an excellent way of achieving internal climate control. Based on advanced heat pump technology, Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioning products and systems offer precisely-controlled heating or cooling when and where it is needed. Our systems exploit advanced system architecture and the inherent energy efficiency of heat pump technology to minimise energy consumption, running costs, and environmental impacts without compromising performance.

Reducing CO2 emissions by saving energy

Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioning products use less energy to achieve their heating and cooling objectives than other types of air conditioner. Because they save energy, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Ministry of Economic Development figures, total greenhouse gas emissions resulting from electricity generation in New Zealand in 2006 were equivalent to 8.66 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. That is almost quarter of a tonne of carbon dioxide for every Megawatt-hour of electricity consumption. Most of these greenhouse gas emissions come from the fossil-fuelled power stations that produced about a third of New Zealand’s electricity in 2006.

A conventional electric heating system consumes an average of four times as much electricity as an equivalent heat pump system.

All the proof you need, right here in New Zealand

A company that creates leading-edge technology is always going to be in a league of its own. In the case of Mitsubishi Electric however, setting a new industry benchmark in environmentally effective air-conditioning is only half the story. With years of proven experience in the real world, we have the confidence that comes from delivering real solutions to real client challenges - not simply quoting lab test results. What’s more, Mitsubishi Electric are the only industry member to have the unique insights gained from doing it all on New Zealand soil.

Environmental Vision 2021

Mitsubishi Electric's Environmental Vision 2021 is a long-term environmental management vision of the Mitsubishi Electric Group. The framework aims to achieve a sustainable society, and defines longterm initiatives to prevent global warming and to create a recycling-based society. The Vision sets 2021 as the target year, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Mitsubishi Electric's founding.

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Green buildings