Energy use in domestic households

Ecodan is a highly energy efficient hot water heat pump system utilising a cylinder tank or hydrobox. It is the next level of efficient heating technology to provide the comfort we want in our homes and potable hot water, at the same time reducing carbon emissions and home energy costs. With proven Mitsubishi Electric technology, Ecodan is designed for New Zealand conditions.

Domestic Hot Water and Heating

Consumer NZ research shows that a well specified and installed heat pump water heater would reduce your hot water bill by two-thirds over standard electric water heating.

Lower costs can provide home owners reassurance that future energy bills will be manageable.

Efficient operation means low energy bills and quicker return on investment where owners install a new heat pump system.

Energy use in domestic households – data from NZGBC.

Save up to 35% on your heating and hot water bill

An Ecodan heat pump system could save up to 35% on your heating and hot water bill per year when compared to gas and direct electric systems. Based on an average New Zealand household, this could be as much as $700.

Comparison to:

  • Traditional gas central heating system, energy savings up to 30%
  • Traditional direct electric heater, energy savings up to 40%

Return on investment could be within 5 years compared to gas heating and even quicker returns if hot water is utilised too.

Fast heat up times!

Ecodan works more effectively to heat your home compared to conventional heating systems by utilising inverter compressor technology in the heat pump to provide the right amount of heat when you need it.

  • Fast heat up times from 15°C – 55°C in 1 hour for a 3 bedroom house
  • Only 30 minutes to re-heat half the tank (100 litres)
  • Even faster heat up times with ZUBADAN technology

ZUBADAN New Generation provides powerful heating in cold regions where most heat pumps cannot perform very well. ZUBADAN’s rated heating capacity is maintained even in outdoor temperatures as low as –15°C. That means ZUBADAN can be trusted to provide comfortable heating during severe winter months. Furthermore even faster tank heater times are achieved in low ambient temperatures compared to standard models.

*cost savings based on estimated average annual hot water cost for New Zealand households, data sources from and NZGBC. Actual savings may vary in line with gas and electricity price fluctuations and seasonal conditions.

Energy Efficiency