DFS Galleria

The renovation and HVAC replacement of Auckland’s historic Customhouse.

The Challenge

On top of being iconic and a category 1 listed historic building, space and access were extremely limited with the main retail occupier of the building wanting to continue trading during the upgrade.

The existing HVAC plant consisted of a chiller and four AHU’s that were all at the end of their life as well as a fairly new cooling tower. In addition to this, most of the controls were also non-operational.

The brief set a challenge as the replacement solution couldn’t have any equipment visible from the outside, needed to be highly efficient and able to be installed in stages in a very restricted environment where basically no changes to the building structure or impact on the occupiers activities were possible.

The Mitsubishi Electric Solution

The Mitsubishi Electric PQRY Water Sourced City Multi Heat Recovery VRF System was the perfect solution for this project with multiple units used which admirably fulfilled all the required criteria.

The existing condenser water loop and internally housed cooling tower were retained for feeding water to the VRF Outdoor units, ensuring there was no plant outwardly visible.

An AE200 Touch Screen Central Controller with power apportioning was added to allow separate energy billing for the multiple tenants occupying the building.

A DIDO Module was also included in the VRF Controls Package to cover matters such as starting condenser water pumps, running various fans and accept confirmation inputs from flow switches.

Equipment Breakdown

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 716kW
Cooling Capacity: 658 kW

Outdoor Units




Changeover Boxes

4 x CMB-P1016V-HA1

2 x CMB-P1010V-GA1

2 x CMB-P108V-GA1

Wall Controllers

1 x AE-200E

2 x EW-50E

1 x PAC-YG60MCA (PI Module)

2 x PAC-YG66DCA (DIDO Module)




Published: Tuesday, 6 November 2018

DFS Galleria