Oasis Pure 38L Dehumidifier


The Oasis Pure 3-in-1 sets the new standard for dehumidifiers. Inverter technology makes this our most energy efficient and quietest model ever. With its extra-large 38L capacity, next-generation Triple Hex Heat Exchanger and built-in Advanced Air Purification System, you can breathe cleaner, healthier air all year long. Intelligent Laundry Mode ensures quick efficient drying of your washing in winter. The Oasis Pure 3-in-1 well and truly redefines multifunctionality like never before!

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Why Do You Need a Multifunctional Oasis Pure Dehumidifier?

While ordinary dehumidifiers can only remove condensation, the 38L Mitsubishi Electric Oasis Pure 3-in-1 Dehumidifier sets a new standard in super energy efficient, healthy home comfort.

Inverter Technology Maximises Energy Efficient Operation

The Oasis Pure 3-in-1 features an inverter compressor that intuitively adjusts the power according to the humidity level in the air. It automatically adapts between powerful operation and energy saving operation as the humidity levels reduce over time.

Super Energy Efficient

Clever inverter logic ensures energy is not wasted. If the system senses that the humidity levels are low, or when used at night or in a small room, it will ramp the power down to Energy Saving Mode. As a result, the Oasis Pure inverter compressor is up to 31% more energy efficient compared to traditional fixed speed models.

Super Powerful Triple Decker Hex Heat Exchanger

Featuring a three-level heat exchanger that is up to 3.8 times larger than our Classic Range, the Oasis Pure has added an extra sub-condensor into the design of the previous two-level heat exchanger. In addition, it also incorporates a bypass air duct to significantly increase the volume of the cooling air. As a result, the ability to reach a comfortable environment has increased by up to 31% compared to our Classic Range.


Starting from a low 34dBA, the Oasis Pure inverter compressor generates a much lower noise compared to a fixed speed dehumidifier. This is because it can start its cycle at low speed, therefore emitting less sound.

Advanced Condensation Control

With an average kiwi family generating up to 15 litres of moisture per day through breathing, cooking, bathing, heating and drying clothes – visible condensation is a real problem for New Zealand’s heavily insulated modern homes. Thanks to the built-in sensor control, the Oasis Pure effectively reduces moisture and can then monitor and maintain healthy humidity levels inside the home.

Auto Mode

This mode allows you to set the desired humidity level between 50 to 70%. The Oasis Pure will turn off once the desired level is reached. The system then resumes operation automatically if the humidity level rises above the set level.

Easy Dehumidifying Mode

The Oasis Pure is able to intuitively monitor room temperature, selecting the optimal humidity level and adjusting operation to suit, saving you both time and money.

Rapid Dehumidification

Comfortable humidity levels are able to be reached in no less than nine minutes. In fact, the time required to effectively dehumidify a space has been reduced by up to 50% compared to our Classic Series*. In addition, the powerful inverter compressor also enables a wider area to be efficiently targeted for humidity control. *Tested in a 11.44m² room.

Mildew Guard

In this mode, the dehumidifier automatically lowers humidity levels between 40 to 50% once a day for four to 12 hours depending on the size of the room. At these low humidity levels, mildew growth is suppressed as new spores are unable to be produced.

Intelligent Laundry Mode

As an alternative to harsh and inefficient tumble dryers, the Oasis Pure 3-in-1 Dehumidifier can be used to quickly and efficiently dry your clothing without compromising delicate fabrics. The Auto Stop Laundry Mode continually senses the humidity in the room to establish optimum drying time required and automatically stops.

100 Degree Swinging Airflow

With its super wide airflow, drying your washing has never been quicker. When placed in a small enclosed room, a full load of laundry can effectively be dried at the same time.

Oasis Pure – Next-Generation Advanced Air Purification

Mitsubishi Electric believes having good air quality is just as important as having a warm, dry home. Coughs, sneezing, dryness or irritated eyes, nose or throat, headaches or feeling fatigued, could all be a reaction to bad air quality. As such, our next-generation Oasis Pure 3-in-1 Dehumidifier offers unparalleled air purification to minimise the sources of allergens and irritants in your home.

How Polluted is the Air Inside Your Home?

You may be surprised how contaminated indoor air actually can be. You might not be able to see it – but it is there! Every time you open your doors or windows, external pollutants such as pollen, dust and other allergens enter the home. But did you know oil and fat particles from cooking all release microscopic particles into the air? Furthermore, dust and pet dander (dead skin flakes), mould build-up and mildew spores triggered by dampness can further increase concentrations of pollutants.

How Does the Oasis Pure 3-in-1 Dehumidifier Purify and Deodorise the Air?

The Oasis Pure features an advanced two-stage filtration system.

The Washable Pre-Filter

The washable pre-filter effectively catches larger contaminants. It has been designed for easy cleaning. Simple to remove, it can be vacuumed every two weeks and if very dirty, can simply be washed.

The High Density Advanced PM2.5 Filter

Once the air has passed through the pre-filter it then is drawn through the small particle matter – PM2.5 Filter. The Mitsubishi Electric PM2.5 Filter is designed to effectively remove pollutants that have a diameter of 2.5 microns or larger. Unseen to the human eye, these microscopic particles can easily penetrate deep into our lungs and even our bloodstream.

Effective Deodorisation

The PM2.5 Filter is made out of a two-layer structure consisting of a white dust filter and a blue deodorising filter that is made out of advanced fibres that contain a special deodorant and anti-bacterial agent with anti-allergen and anti-bacterial properties.

Other Features

Multidirectional Drying

You can select the direction of airflow; upward, to the rear or wide, allowing you to position the dry air where you need it most. You can even select rear airflow which is ideal for drying wet floors or shoes.

Permanent Drainage

Moisture can build up in boats, caravans and holiday homes when closed up for long periods of time. To prevent moisture build-up, a permanent hose attachment can be used for continuous operation.

Backlit Easy-to-Use LCD Display

The Oasis Pure 3-in-1 Dehumidifier incorporates an LCD display screen for ease of use. Each mode is easily enabled and humidity sensors indicate real time humidity, so moisture control is a breeze.


Moisture Removal Capacity: 38.0L per day, 30°C, 80% RH)
Water Collection Tank Capacity: 5.5L approx.
Inverter Compressor: Yes
Noise Levels (Low/High/Laundry): 34/47/48
Air Purifier: Yes
Filters: Yes, PM2.5 Filter
Drying Inside: Yes
Mildew Guard - Bathroom: Yes
Weight/Portability: 18.1kg, 4 x Castors 360 degree rotation
Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 410 x 299 x 630
Intelligent Laundry: Yes
Multi Directional Airflow Swing Louvre: 3 Directions (Wide/Upward/Backwards)
Humidity Indicator: Yes
Automatic One Touch Easy Dehumidifying: Yes
LCD Control Panel: Yes
Timer: 1-12hours On/Off Timer
Child Lock: Yes
Drive Mode: 7 Modes: Auto / High / Low / Air Purifier / Mildew Guard / Easy Dehumidifying / Laundry Mode
Permanent Hose Attachment: Yes
Energy Usage on Continuous Running: 0.5 kW/hr





*Actual price may differ.