16kW Multi Room + Ecodan Outdoor Heat Pump

Large Room System // PUMY-P125VKM5-BS

This OmniCore Duo outdoor unit allows you to connect 2-8 indoor units, up to a Class 100, with a maximum total Class of 182 and a Ecodan Hydrobox or Cylinder unit. Experience year round comfort including energy efficient cooling in summer, whilst enjoying year round cost effective hot water heating. This is done by combining a Mitsubishi Electric OmniCore Multi Room system and a Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hot Water system. This all in-one-solution share the same outdoor unit, minimising external clutter. Applications can include potable water heating, underfloor and radiator heating. Furthermore, with a full range of indoor air conditioning models to choose from, there is a style and capacity to fit any room.

Cooling Capacity14.0 kW
Heating Capacity16.0 kW
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· Function: Cooling/Heating · Type: Multi Split, Inverter
· Multi-Split System Compatible: Yes · Number of indoor units: 2 to 8
· Capacity - Cooling*: 14.0 kW · Capacity - Heating*: 16.0 kW
· Power Input - Cooling: 3.46 kW · Power Input - Heating: 3.74 kW
· EER / COP: 4.05 / 4.28
· Operation Range - Cooling: 10 to 52 °C · Operation Range - Heating: -20 to 15 °C
· Sound Level - Cooling (dB(A)): 50 · Sound Level - Heating (dB(A)): 52
· Current - Cooling (Max): 15.97 · Current - Heating (Max): 17.26
· Refrigerant: R410A · Liquid Pipe Size (OD, mm): 9.52
· Gas Pipe Size (OD, mm): 15.88 · Max. Pipe Length total (m): 150
· Max. Pipe Height total - Outdoor above indoor (m): 50 · Max. Pipe Height total - Outdoor below indoor (m): 40
· Power Supply: 230V +/- 10% / Single Phase / 50 Hz · Dimensions (WxDxH, mm)**: 1050 x 330(40) x 1338
· Weight: 123 kg · *: Rating Conditions (AS / NZS 3823): Cooling – Indoor: 27°C DB, 19°C WB. Outdoor: 35°C DB. Heating – Indoor: 20°C DB, Outdoor: 7°C DB, 6°C WB.
· **: Grille
  • Electrical data is for outdoor unit only.
  • Maximum length is inclusive of height differential.
  • Rating Conditions (AS/NZS 3823):
    COOLING Indoor: 27°C DB, 19°C WB.
    Outdoor: 35°C DB.
    HEATING Indoor: 20°C DB.
    Outdoor: 7°C DB, 6°C WB.
    Refrigerant piping length (one way): 5m
    Running Current and Power Input figures are for outdoor unit only.
  • Measure of Energy Efficency: A calculated measurement of energy efficiency for both heating and cooling using the ratio of kW input to kW output.
    EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio
    COP = Coefficient of Performance
    AEER# = Annual Energy Efficiency Ratio
    ACOP# = Annual Coefficient of Performance
    #These include standby power in the rating calculation
  • Please note:
    Final outdoor unit selection will be affected by several different factors. The combination of rooms and their location, as well as operating use, will determine which of the proposed models you require. In many cases, an outdoor unit with a lower heating capacity may be adequate where not all indoor units are required to operate in maximum heating mode simultaneously. Or, if you are considering adding more indoor units in the future, in the interests of future-proofing, you may be best to select an outdoor unit capable of providing more capacity than you currently require.

Connectable Indoors

Connect multiple indoor units and hot water to a single outdoor unit.

This OmniCore Duo Multi Room and Hot Water System gives you the freedom to select the indoor model best suited to each and every room in your home. Multi-Split Systems like OmniCore Duo are designed to allow multiple indoor units of varying capacity and type to be connected to just one outdoor unit, enhancing exterior aesthetics by reducing the number of outdoor units required.

If more than one room requires heating and cooling, a Multi-Split system may be right for you. This system allows the indoor units chosen to reflect the specific needs of each room. For example, a whisper-quiet high wall could be selected for a bedroom, while a floor console could be used to replace a fireplace in the living room. The indoor units selected will be powered by just one outdoor unit, lowering the overall capital cost and increasing the energy efficiencies achieved.

Connectable Indoor Unit Types

Every home is different, and with so many options to choose from it is important to consider each individual room’s requirements as part of the overall OmniCore Multi Room system.

Use the following to learn more about the different indoor unit types available for air conditioning and water heating. This information can then be used to base your preferred selection of indoor units and control systems that best suit your home.

The outdoor unit is connected up to a specially designed Branch Box. This Branch Box is like the technological heart of the Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room. It intelligently draws energy from the outdoor unit and directs the flow of energy through its individual branch ports to the different connected indoor components.
Either an all-in-one Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Packaged Water Cylinder system or Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hydrobox with a 3rd party Cylinder, can be connected to the Branch Box to satisfy the hot water requirements. Designed with flexibility in mind, the system allows for various configurations to suit different applications. It can include potable hot water, underfloor and radiator heating throughout the whole home.
The AP Series that features New Zealand’s quietest heat pump ever*, sets a new standard in whisper quiet, year-round comfort with advanced features such as Dual Barrier Coating that maximises energy efficient performance and options for either built-in*1 or optional Wi-Fi Control. And the AP15-20 New Zealand's smallest high walls ever*2 – perfect for above doorways and small home offices.

* AP25 indoor sound level on lowest fan setting in Heating Mode.
*1 AP15-20 Wi-Fi Control optional only.
*2 Indoor unit total volume size of 0.034m3.
The Designer Series combines exceptional energy efficiency with award-winning aesthetics. The elegant slimline design is available in Pure White, Matte Silver or Rich Black Diamond – so you can truly reflect your design personality.
The Black Diamond Series sets the new standard in personalised comfort and style. Available in three unique reflective colours; Red Diamond, White Diamond or Black Diamond. Packed with advanced features including Plasma Quad Plus Filtration, the 3D i-See Sensor for customised heating or cooling, and Dual Barrier Coating to maximise year-round energy efficient performance.
With a contemporary, slim-line design our RapidHeat Floor Consoles can be wall-recessed to dramatically reduced depth – the perfect solution for unobtrusive heating at floor level. Advanced sensors with Intuitive Control Logic Technology offer unparalleled low temperature heating performance in the shortest amount of time, all while maintaining maximum energy efficiency.
Compact, whisper quiet and highly efficient, our ceiling concealed SEZ Series units fit easily and discreetly into rooms with lowered ceilings. Optional fresh air intake provides all round refreshing comfort.
The unobtrusive PEAD Ducted Whole Home System is specifically designed for installations where ceiling space is minimal. The system is super energy efficient and whisper quiet. With only its grilles visible, it is the perfect hidden comfort solution for heating or cooling multiple rooms at the same time.
The MLZ Series with its streamlined design, airflow control features, and quiet operation from just 26dBA, is ideal for small installation spaces where one-way air distribution is needed.
Compact and ultra quiet, our range of ceiling cassette systems are equipped with four-way airflow and cutting edge control. They offer you the flexibility to keep your wall and floor space free without compromising on comfort.
The PLA Cassettes set a new benchmark in space heating. Featuring cutting edge airflow and independent vane direction control, PLA Cassettes revolutionise flexibility, allowing you to keep your wall and floor space free without compromising on comfort.
A stylish, slimline indoor unit designed to provide comfort in large, open areas such as conference rooms or open plan offices – Mitsubishi Electric's range of Ceiling Suspended indoor units are designed to blend in seamlessly at ceiling height. With four speed settings and auto air-speed adjustment, the Ceiling Suspended PCA Series units are ideal for small and large areas alike.

OmniCore Duo Multi Room and Hot Water Systems need to be specified by a Mitsubishi Electric Authorised Installer

Final selections should always be based on an in-home quote from a qualified Mitsubishi Electric Authorised Installer.



OmniCore Duo Multi Room with Hot Water Heat Pump Systems