RapidHeat KJ60 Floor Console Heat Pump

Large Room System // MFZ-KJ60VE-A1

The RapidHeat KJ60 heat pump is New Zealand's quietest floor console ever. Featuring industry-leading Rapid Heat Technology, the RapidHeat KJ60 provides optimum performance. With a slim design, the RapidHeat KJ60 sits discreetly at floor level. Featuring three uniquely shaped vanes, you can control airflow to provide you with optimum air distribution that is customisable to your preference.

Cooling Capacity6.0 kW
Heating Capacity6.8 kW


Rapid Heating Technology

The Mitsubishi Electric RapidHeat Floor Console Series ensures the perfect room temperature is reached faster with new rapid heating technology. Advanced sensors coupled with Intuitive Control Logic mean optimal running temperatures are reached in the shortest amount of time possible with maximum energy efficiency. Automatically activated at start-up in low temperature conditions and when two way air flow is selected, warm air is blown in a downward direction first before the air is returned back into the indoor unit, where it is reheated a second time before it is released again. As a result, a room can now heat up to twice as fast in comparison to our previous model meaning our floor consoles are more energy efficient than ever.

Sleek, Sophisticated Design

Mitsubishi Electric RapidHeat Floor Consoles features clean, sharp lines creating streamlined, modern floor mounted heating. The removable base allows the RapidHeat Series to be recessed into your wall. This dramatically reduces the depth of the indoor unit from 215mm to 145mm - a decrease of 33%! The perfect solution for unobtrusive floor mounted heating or for new buildings and renovation projects.

Multi Vane Flow - Even Heat Distribution

The RapidHeat Series allows for complete customisation for ultimate comfort. The Multi Vane Flow function blows warm air in both an upward and downward direction, providing even and effective heating whilst also eliminating draughts. This is achieved via three uniquely shaped vanes that are designed for better airflow control and the freedom to customise them to your preference.

Energy Efficiency

RapidHeat Floor Consoles (KJ25/35/50) utilise advanced sensors with Intuitive Control Logic Technology to offer unparalleled low temperature heating performance in the shortest amount of time, whilst maintaining maximum energy efficiency. They also feature Econo Cool which switches airflow to Swing Mode; ensuring you use less energy to provide an overall cooling effect during the summer months.

Optional Wi-Fi Control Upgrade

With the addition of award-winning Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control, you can control and monitor your heat pump from absolutely anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or online account.

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Optional HyperCore Upgrade

If you experience cold temperatures and/or high humidity during the winter months then you should consider upgrading your floor console to a HyperCore.

View HyperCore Model


MFZ-KJ60VE-A1 - DC Inverter Compact Floor Console

· Function: Cooling/Heating · Type: Single Split, Inverter
· Capacity - Cooling: 6.0 kW · Capacity - Heating: 6.8 kW
· Capacity - Cooling (min. - max.): 1.6 - 6.8 kW · Capacity - Heating (min. - max.): 2.2 - 9.1 kW
· Power Input - Cooling: 1.75 kW · Power Input - Heating: 1.89 kW
· Star rating - Cooling: 2 · Star rating - Heating: 2.5
· EER / COP: 3.47 / 3.59 · AEER / ACOP: 3.47 / 3.59
· Previous Star rating: 1.5 / 2.0 · Sensible - Cooling: 4.56 kW
· Operation Range - Cooling: -10 / +46°C · Operation Range - Heating: -15 / +24°C
· Sound Level - Cooling (Low - Super High, dB(A)): 27 / 35 / 39 / 46 / 53 · Sound Level - Heating (Low - Super High, dB(A)): 29 / 35 / 41 / 47 / 51
· Current - Cooling [In+Outdoor] (Rated / Max.): 7.8 / 16.5 A · Current - Heating [In+Outdoor] (Rated / Max.): 8.4 / 16.5 A
· Air Volume - Cooling (Super High, Litre/sec): 250 · Air Volume - Heating (Super High, Litre/sec): 243
· Refrigerant: R410A · Liquid Pipe Size (OD, mm): 6.35
· Gas Pipe Size (OD, mm): 12.7 · Max. Pipe Length (m): 30
· Max. Pipe Height (m): 15 · Power Supply: 230V / Single Phase / 50 Hz
· Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 750 x 215 x 600 · Weight: 15 kg

MUFZ-KJ60VE-A1 - DC Inverter Outdoor Unit

· Function: Cooling/Heating · Type: Single Split, Standard Inverter
· Operation Range - Cooling: -15 / +46°C · Operation Range - Heating: -15 / +24°C
· Sound Level - Cooling (dB(A)): 52 · Sound Level - Heating (dB(A)): 53
· Air Volume - Cooling (Litre/sec): 835 · Air Volume - Heating (Litre/sec): 793
· Power Supply: 230V / Single Phase / 50 Hz · Refrigerant: R410A
· Liquid Pipe Size (OD, mm): 6.35 · Gas Pipe Size (OD, mm): 12.7
· Max. Pipe Length (m): 30 · Max. Pipe Height (m): 15
· Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 840 x 330 x 880 · Weight: 55 kg

·  Rating Conditions (AS / NZS 3823):
   Cooling – Indoor: 27°C DB, 19°C WB. Outdoor: 35°C DB.     Heating – Indoor: 20°C DB, Outdoor: 7°C DB, 6°C WB.

·  Sensible Cooling Conditions, Indoor: 27°C DB, 20°C WB. Outdoor: 35°C DB.

·  Dry function will not work when the room temperature is below 13°C.

·  Colour: Heat pump units shown may not be colour accurate, please ensure you view an actual unit for colour matching.

·  Maximum length is inclusive of height differential. i.e. (20m length/12m high) means the pipe can be 12m high and 8m across for a total length of 20m.

·  Measure of Energy Efficency: A calculated measurement of energy efficiency for both heating and cooling using the ratio of kW input to kW output.
   EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio
   COP = Coefficient of Performance
   AEER# = Annual Energy Efficiency Ratio
   ACOP# = Annual Coefficient of Performance
   #These include standby power in the rating calculation

·  Star Ratings based on the Seasonal Energy Rating standard for New Zealand - cold zone [GEMS 2019]




Optional Accessories

Our PAR wired seven day controller with backlit LCD screen allows you to program up to eight separate start/stop patterns per day over a week.
MA, M-NET and Contact Terminal Interface. Has remote on/off, prohibit/permit control and run/error outputs - all outputs require an independent external 12VDC power supply. Used to connect PAR-21 / PAR-31 to; MSZ-GE/FB/EF, MFZ-KA/FB & SLZ-KA~VAL indoor units or a Central / Schedule Controller to each indoor unit connected to a M or S-Series outdoor unit.
The award-winning MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Interface connects discreetly to your heat pump’s control board and should only be installed by an authorised installer. The MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Interface is available on Mitsubishi Electric High Wall, Floor Mounted, and Ducted Heat Pumps, and can either be purchased as an optional upgrade at time of purchase, or retrofitted to an existing Mitsubishi Electric model.