PLA71 Cassette Heat Pump with PAR Controller

Large Room System // PLA-M71EA

The large capacity PLA71 4-Way Cassette, with 3D i-See Sensor technology, wide airflow, independent vane direction setting and a new sleek design, provides consistent temperatures throughout the space you need to heat or cool. Perfect for residential rooms or office spaces. Upgraded with a Deluxe PAR Wired Controller, with backlit LCD display and user friendly menus. With the PAR Wired Controller you are able to precisely control power consumption and temperature, setting up to eight patterns per day.

Cooling Capacity7.1 kW
Heating Capacity8.0 kW
Select a Size - R32 Refrigerant
Select a Size - R410A Refrigerant
Select a Contoller


3D i-See Sensor

The new PLA comes standard with 3D i-See Sensor technology, able to detect the number people in the room, their positions and temperatures. In turn, the 3D i-See Sensor is able to provide the ideal temperature and airflow settings.

Next Generation R32 Technology

R32 is a refrigerant with just one-third the global warming potential of R410A and has zero ozone depletion potential. R32 offers increased energy efficiency, and is said to be the next generation of refrigerants

Sleek, Square Desgin

The PLA features a sleek, square design with bevelled edges that provide a compact and modern finish.

Optimum Airflow

With the ability to independently control each wide vane’s airflow, these units are perfect for both residential and office environments, providing controlled airflow to all corners of the space you need to heat or cool. Advanced control of the vanes called “swing airflow” provides even greater heat distribution, periodically moving vanes up and down.

Automatic Air Speed Adjustment

This setting automatically adjusts the air-speed to match the conditions of the room. At the start of heating/cooling, the airflow is set to high-speed to quickly heat or cool the room and once the desired temperature is reached, it decreases for efficient operation.

High and Low Ceiling Modes

Our PLA cassettes are equipped to adjust the airflow volume to match the room height. This ensures that you get comfortable temperature control throughout the room no matter how high your ceiling.

Easy Installation

For improved efficiency during installation, the new PLA features a temporary hanging hook, no need to remove screws on the corner panel or control box, and a lightweight panel which has been reduced in weight by approximately 20% compared to the previous model.

Deluxe PAR Weekly Controller

This attractive full dot liquid crystal display incorporates a large backlit screen and simple menus for easy operation. You can set up to 8 temperature and airflow patterns per day for seven days, allowing you to reduce your energy consumption when needed, saving you both time and money. Perfect for the busy home and office or retail store.

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PLA-M71EA // PLA71 Cassette Heat Pump with PAR Controller System

· Function: Cooling/Heating · Type: Single Split, Inverter
· Capacity - Cooling: 7.1 kW · Capacity - Heating: 8.0 kW
· Capacity - Cooling (min. - max.): 3.3 - 8.1 kW · Capacity - Heating (min. - max.): 3.5 - 10.2 kW
· Power input - Cooling: 1.78 kW · Power input - Heating: 2.03 kW
· Star rating - Cooling: NA · Star rating - Heating: NA
· EER / COP: 3.98 / 3.94 · AEER / ACOP: 3.77 / 3.75
· Current - Cooling [In+Outdoor] (Rated): 8.10 A · Current - Heating [In+Outdoor] (Rated): 9.89 A
· Current (Max.): 19.27 A
· Operation Range - Cooling: -5 / +52 degC · Operation Range - Heating: -20 / +21 degC

PLA-M71EA-A - 4-Way Cassette Indoor Unit

· Function: Cooling/Heating · Type: Single Split, Inverter
Nominal Capacity
· Capacity - Cooling: 7.1 kW · Capacity - Heating: 8.0 kW
· Sound Level - Cooling (Low - Super High, dB(A)): 28 / 30 / 32 / 34 · Sound Level - Heating (Low - Super High, dB(A)): 28 / 30 / 32 / 34
· Air volume - Cooling (Super High, Litre/sec): 350 · Air volume - Heating (Super High, Litre/sec): 350
· Refrigerant: R32 · Liquid pipe size (OD, mm): 9.52
· Gas pipe size (OD, mm): 15.88 · Max. pipe length (m): 50
· Max. pipe height (m): 30 · Power supply: 230V / Single Phase / 50 Hz
· Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 840 x 840 x 258 · Weight: 21.0 kg

PUZ-ZM71VHA-A - R32 Inverter Outdoor Unit

· Function: Cooling/Heating · Type: Single Split, Standard Inverter
· Operation Range - Cooling: -5 / +52 degC · Operation Range - Heating: -20 / +21 degC
· Sound Level - Cooling (dB(A)): 47 · Sound Level - Heating (dB(A)): 51
· Air volume - Cooling (Litre/sec): 590 · Air volume - Heating (Litre/sec): 563
· Power supply: Single phase, 230 V, 50Hz · Refrigerant: R32
· Liquid pipe size (OD, mm): 9.52 · Gas pipe size (OD, mm): 15.88
· Max. pipe length (m): 50 · Max. pipe height (m): 30
· Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 950 x 330 x 943 · Weight: 70.0kg

·  Rating Conditions (AS / NZS 3823):
   Cooling – Indoor: 27°C DB, 19°C WB. Outdoor: 35°C DB.     Heating – Indoor: 20°C DB, Outdoor: 7°C DB, 6°C WB.

·  Sensible Cooling Conditions, Indoor: 27°C DB, 20°C WB. Outdoor: 35°C DB.

·  Dry function will not work when the room temperature is below 13°C.

·  Colour: Heat pump units shown may not be colour accurate, please ensure you view an actual unit for colour matching.

·  Maximum length is inclusive of height differential. i.e. (20m length/12m high) means the pipe can be 12m high and 8m across for a total length of 20m.

·  Measure of Energy Efficency: A calculated measurement of energy efficiency for both heating and cooling using the ratio of kW input to kW output.
   EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio
   COP = Coefficient of Performance
   AEER# = Annual Energy Efficiency Ratio
   ACOP# = Annual Coefficient of Performance
   #These include standby power in the rating calculation



4-Way Large Cassette