What are the Benefits of a Multi Room Heat Pump System?

One question that we often get asked is whether there is a heat pump solution that is able to heat or cool a number of individual rooms in a home at the same time, at different temperatures. The answer is yes, and they are called Multi Room Heat Pumps.

But the benefits of these systems don’t just stop at providing energy-efficient, individualised heating or cooling throughout the house. Read on to learn why more and more homeowners are choosing a Multi Room Heat Pump over a traditional single split heat pump that is only capable of heating or cooling just one space.

Multi Room Heat Pump System Benefits

Reduced exterior clutter as there is just one outdoor unit

Unlike single room split systems, Multi Room Heat Pumps are specifically designed to provide heating or cooling for two or more rooms whilst connecting up to only one outdoor unit. As a result, exterior clutter is minimised, saving precious outdoor space.

Future-proof and add more indoor units as your family grows

With a Multi Room Heat Pump, there is no need to hurry and choose all the possible indoor units for your home at once when you purchase the system as you can add these at a later date. For example, a four-room system could be installed with only two indoor units to begin with; giving you the flexibility to add up to two more areas in the future which all link to the one outdoor unit.

Forward planning means you don’t end up with four large outdoor units cluttering up your exterior, which would be the case with a standard single room heat pump.

Reflect your design personality for each and every room

With a variety of indoor unit styles available that connect up to a Multi Room System, homeowners are able to choose the best model to match each room’s interior design.

A Multi Room solution gives you the flexibility to select the perfect indoor heat pump for each area. Whether it’s a small capacity whisper quiet high wall for the bedroom, a compact floor console for the office or a discreet ducted model for the lounge, there is a design and capacity to fit any space – no matter the size or interior aesthetic.

Individualised temperature control

Customisable comfort is at the heart of the Multi Room System. This advanced solution is specifically designed to provide individual climate control of every heat pump in the home. Using individual controls, each room can be set to the desired temperature based on occupant comfort requirements or can be turned off if no one is in the room. This maximises energy-efficient operation by not heating or cooling rooms that don’t require it.

More homeowners are choosing a Multi Room System

Because of their energy efficiency, heat pumps have over the years quickly established themselves as the preferred heating or cooling source for most living rooms in New Zealand. Once occupants have experienced the year-round comfort that heat pumps offer, a space without one is a stark contrast!

If you are looking for a comfort solution that provides energy-efficient heating and cooling all year throughout the whole house, a Multi Room Heat Pump is the ideal solution.

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