Be Bold With Colour in Your Home

Wallpaper is now back on trend and has started to make a return in interior design – especially when they are also available as easy-to-peel and stick variant. It allows you to be creative with a colourful feature wall and put a real personal mark on a room.

While most people opt for neutral tones for their walls, using bright and vibrant wallpaper is a great way to liven up any area. Simply having a strong splash of colour or pattern can make a difference in styling up a room.

What may seem daunting with having bold wallpaper is the potential for sensory overload. So a great way to keep the look of a space on-point is to decorate it with simple interior pieces.

When it comes to matching furniture with visually strong walls, you can rely on black tones to be a trusted go-to. This is because the grounding nature of this hue allows you to explore your creativity with colour elsewhere.

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Reflect Your Design Personality With Your Heating

One of the most rewarding aspects of a renovation is transforming spaces by injecting your own personality into the home. Colour selection, accessorising and furnishing layouts all add to the overall design aesthetic; shaping a space to provide its own individual feel. Whilst thinking about the fun of renovating and decorating, it is easy to forget that practical appliances are also a key part of your home.

If you are renovating, updating your heating system might already be in your plans. Installing a heat pump is a worthwhile investment, providing energy efficient heating during winter and cooling comfort throughout summer. A heat pump is a home necessity, but is typically a bulky appliance on the wall with little to add in aesthetic appeal!

A renovated room deserves accompanying appliances that are just as sleek and carefully selected as the furniture, feature walls and accessories you've dressed it with.

The new LN Black Diamond Series High Wall Heat Pump Range lets you truly reflect your design style. Available in a range of contemporary colours including Black Diamond, White Diamond and Red Diamond, a heat pump no longer needs to be a bulky appliance on the wall, but can now well and truly be a real feature component of your room.

Style and Performance – Now You Can Have it All

The LN Black Diamond Series by Mitsubishi Electric is more than just a pretty face. Underneath the award-winning flat panel slimline design with its stunning reflective finish, is a host of advanced features making this range cutting-edge with exceptional energy efficient heating and cooling.

Learn more about how the Black Diamond Series High Wall Heat Pump Range can transform your next home renovation.