Elevating Your Interior Design with Black

Using black in your interior may feel intimidating, but it’s a shade that can create a variety of aesthetics in the home. It can be modern and dramatic, add a touch of elegance or serve as the perfect complement to a range of colours and materials. All it takes is a bit of know-how and you’ll be able to put together a well-thought-out, stylish interior design scheme.

If you've been toying with the idea of bringing black into your interior, chances are you fall into one of two camps. You love the look of darker shades but are worried that it will feel too cold. Or, you are a fan of modern black interiors but are not quite sure how to pull them off. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips and tricks to help you create a beautiful space, no matter which style you prefer.

Bold Contrast or Subtle Accent: Black is a Versatile Shade

The phrase "black interior design'' may conjure up images of all-black rooms with no other colours in sight. However, there are plenty of ways you can use black that don't involve going all out. Here are some ideas:

  • Paint can be used to create black walls, or a feature wall, that will make a statement on its own
  • Similarly, black flooring can really make an impact and provide a compelling contrast to other features in the room
  • You could opt for black in large elements of the room, such as the sofa in the living room or the cupboards in the kitchen
  • Choosing white as your primary colour allows you to bring in as much black decor and furniture as you wish, making for a striking space with a timeless appeal
  • Sticking to black for your upholstered items is an easy way to use the shade while still retaining a sense of warmth and texture

Warm It Up

One of the concerns people often have about using black in their interior is that it will make the room look dark and moody. The key to warming up your space is to combine black elements with different textures, brighter colours, greenery or a combination of all three. Let's take a closer look at each concept and explore how they work.


If you have very few textures in your space then introducing black elements can sometimes feel a little flat. However, adding in different textures has a softening effect on black shades and brings a bit of depth to your interior.

Natural materials are especially effective, whether that's with woven storage boxes, rugs, a leather sofa or a wooden coffee table. In areas like the bedroom or living room, layering throws and cushions in different textures will help make the room feel cosy rather than cold, a problem that you can encounter when working with dark colours.


While monochrome looks can be particularly stylish, do not restrict yourself to monochrome when working with a black interior, bringing in other colours can be the piece that completes the room. In fact, doing so will inject some vibrancy into your space and create an interesting aesthetic. Part of the beauty of black is that it goes with anything - whether you opt for a sophisticated teal, blush pink or even electric yellow, black provides the perfect contrast that will make your other colours sing.

Just like white, if you choose black as your primary shade, it offers you great flexibility for changing up your interior look. Simply swap out your accent pieces for a different colour and you can completely refresh the feel and aesthetic of the room.


Plants are welcome additions to any interior design scheme, making spaces feel more alive. While they may not be an obvious pairing, black interiors and greenery are a match made in heaven. The backdrop of a black feature wall makes the vivid green of plants really pop, while adding in these natural elements will promote a more laid back, lived-in feel.

If you are a beginner or simply want more low maintenance plants, opt for hardy species like cacti, monsteras or snake plants. Alternatively, there are plenty of high-quality artificial options out there that look just like the real thing.

Rooms with plants
Rooms with plants

Keep It Modern

While these tips show that it's perfectly possible to design a dark yet warm and cosy space, you may love the contemporary appeal of a sleek black interior. Black naturally lends itself well to a modern look, however there are a few things to keep in mind to elevate your interior to the next level.


With their equally sleek and sophisticated finish, metals make an ideal partner to black interior elements. Gold or copper look particularly stylish and also add a hint of warmth. Light fittings or decor items are great places to incorporate metal into your interior design.

If you are using black in your kitchen or bathroom then there are even more possibilities, from metal drawer pulls and sink fittings to cupboard doors and backsplashes. If you prefer a more natural look, then dark woods work just as well to keep that contemporary aesthetic. Think along the lines of a deep walnut or mahogany or even black stained oak or ash.


One of the vital parts of creating a modern look is to ensure that your space has plenty of light. Adding in a few additional light sources can help with both practicality and aesthetic, but natural light always comes out on top. Reflective surfaces and mirrors can help maximise natural light, as can clearing away any clutter both inside and outside your windows and even strategically arranging your furniture.

However, if your room is built in a way that's never going to get a ton of natural light, you may prefer including some lighter tones into your colour scheme to stop the space from feeling too dark. If you are going for a full renovation, you might also want to consider adding in some new windows to get a brighter overall look.


The key to keeping a modern look when using black in your interior is to stick to a limited palette of just one or two other colours. Again, the possibilities are endless, but white, taupe and grey pairings will all help to maximise that modern appeal. You can never go too far wrong with other neutrals, as they all fit into the same colour family and can be mixed and matched together.

However, that's not to say your interior needs to be plain. You can still add in decorative elements while sticking to a limited colour palette. Artwork, for example, is a great way to do this, combining different monochrome prints to add some visual interest to the wall (it's also a great way to tie in your Designer Series Heat Pump).

Incorporating Heating Into Your Interior

Energy efficient heat pumps are a popular solution to heat or cool a room. A key part of making sure your high wall heat pump doesn't stick out like a sore thumb is to choose an understated model with clean lines and a modern design. The EcoCore Designer Series has been created specifically to reflect your specific design personality and fit in with your interior style.

As well as boasting exceptional energy efficiency and high-tech Wi-Fi Control, the slimline units have a sleek finish designed to fit into any room.  Here are a few ways that you can incorporate the Rich Black Diamond Designer Series Heat Pump into your space, without it looking like an afterthought;

  • When mounted onto a black wall, the Rich Black Diamond heat pump fits right in without detracting from decorative elements in the room
  • Mounting your heat pump above a larger piece of furniture, like the sofa, will create balance and prevent it from looking out of place
  • Similarly, putting your heat pump above an entryway will produce a cohesive look, as the shape and angles of the pump mimic those of a door
  • On a gallery wall, plan the placement of a stylish heat pump together with framed photos or art

Whether you add in a few new items or change up the look of an entire room, introducing black into your interior design scheme can be effortless. Follow these guidelines and you're sure to end up with a bold new aesthetic you love!

If you would like to learn more about the best heat pump for your redesign, book a free consultation, or find details about our Designer Series here.