Bremner Bay, Wanaka
Te Annu, Manapouri
Urbind Grind Café, Wanaka

Steve Humpherson

Director at Sorted Architecture
Sorted Architecture draw on Central Otago`s spectacular environment to create award winning innovative spaces.
What is your favourite colour?
Blue... Especially blue skies wherever I am.
What is your design aesthetic?
I don’t really have a preferred style. What interests me is how forms and proportions can be played with to create striking functional spaces, in any given style.
What is your favourite room in your home?
The living room. It’s got concrete walls, high ceilings and windows overlooking the river. So you get warmth, sunshine and views.
Where do you find your design inspiration?
I have an ever growing pile of reference books and of course, the internet is a great way to check out new work and materials from around the world.
What is your prediction of the next design trend?
Simple forms made interesting with random asymmetrical patterns for the façade.