Hut On Sleds, Coromandel
Coromandel Bach
Eagles Nest

Ken Crosson

Director at Crosson, Clarke, Carnachan Architects
Constantly striving to understand what is motivating the world around us.
What is your favourite colour?
We don’t use a lot of colour in our architecture, preferring to let the colours and textures from outside work as the space backdrop.
What is your design aesthetic?
I’m not sure that we have one, we like to let different design ideas influence each project.
What is your favourite room in your home?
It varies depending on mood, occasion and sun. I’m a rover.
Where do you find your design inspiration?
Context-the site gives real clues, and clients.
What is your prediction of the next design trend?
More textured spaces, forms and materials seem to be creeping into world architecture, however this is tempered by thoughts of economy and restraint – the malaise of the world.