Cool Aubergine Loves Melbourne
2011 Award Winner
Kitchen Design

Mal Corboy

Interior Designer and Director
Mal Corboy has been designing in Australia, New Zealand and the US for over 18 years and is New Zealand‘s most awarded International designer.
What is your favourite colour?
It wouldn’t be fair to the other colours to pick just one. Any colours that work well together and enhance a space, though I do love colour that is bold and makes a statement.
What is your design aesthetic?
I’m renowned for a contemporary aesthetic with strong colours and lighting, however I do love doing traditional with the MC factor added.
What is your favourite room in your home?
My lounge, where I spend my time unwinding whilst enjoying a glass of red with friends and family.
Where do you find your design inspiration?
Anything, could be a great shoe through to a stunning building. It’s everywhere and if you are a true designer, it’s in your heart.
What is your prediction of the next design trend?
The return of strong pastel hues, true colour that isn’t dirtied down. Lots of tactile texture.