Ben Trethewey

Trends Ideas
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What is your design aesthetic?
Contemporary. Not to be confused with Modern, which refers to a style associated with the early - mid part of the 20th century, Contemporary design encapsulates the styles popular today. It probably suggests that I'm not loyal to one particular style, if I see something new and I like it, it becomes part of my aesthetic.
What are your predictions for the biggest design trends in 2015?
More integration of technology. Mal Corboy's done a lot with colour changing LED lighting and we'll start seeing screens on things like fridges and surfaces and other bits of automation.
What is the best advice you can give to people who are renovating their home?
Decide on your style and stick to it throughout the house, otherwise your home will feel confused.
Are there any design rules you like to keep to?
Listen to the professionals. Know what you want but 99% they will know what looks good and works well better than you do – and what doesn't!
What is the best way to keep informed of current trends?
myTrends Newsletter.