Drink or Dessert?

Soft Freeze Smoothies with Mitsubishi Electric
Fresh, fruity and full of nutrients, smoothies are the perfect way to get your fill of tasty health benefits.

What makes them even more delicious is that they can double up as a dessert – a perfectly refreshing (and nutritious!) way to satisfying your after-dinner cravings!

The best way to get that creamy, soft frozen dessert consistency? Simply Soft Freeze a delicious fruit smoothie in the Versa Freezer Draw for a fabulously healthy dessert. Drizzle on some honey, top with some fresh strawberries, and take a scoop.

After something a bit more decadent? How about a creamy chocolate and banana dessert? Blend 2 frozen bananas with 3 Tbsp. cocoa powder and a cup of vanilla almond milk. Take a sip now or save some for later as a delicious chocolatey dessert, by popping in the Versa Freezer Draw on the Soft Freeze setting!

Soft Freezing is perfect for the connoisseur of the kitchen – whether you want to keep some homemade dip the ideal consistency for tomorrow’s afternoon snack, or you are whipping up a creative masterpiece, the Versa Freezer Drawer lets you decide exactly how you freeze.

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